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Helping growth-oriented women who seek healing reclaim their truth and power.

Hey, I'm

I believe every woman who wants a fulfilling life and relationship deserves to have just that.


That's why I created Women Can Heal to gather a community of healing women becoming the secure and powerful women they know they came here to be. Women who are living the lives they want to live and women will have current and potential partners love them with all their hearts.

First, I want to give you props.


As a woman in your late 30s or early 40s, you've done the work or are actively working to build the life you like. You have the job, the home, the friends, the social life and a passion in life. You have SO much of yourself to share in a longterm relationship. And you know deep down there is so much more you want to experience out of life through a loving committed partnership.


But right now the love game might be getting you down.

If you're single, you might be feeling lost, insecure and on the verge of defeat when it comes to finding love.


If you're in a relationship now you might be struggling with feeling loved enough or having the same argument over and over with your partner.

As a single woman, if you want a fulfilling and committed relationship it won't matter how much time you spend swiping, on first dates, or (if you're like me) boycotting dating altogether and waiting for Mr. Right to magically show up on our front step.


As a partnered woman, if you want that deeper fuller relationship it won't matter how much you try to accept your frustration, insecurity and unhappiness as a "normal" part of relationships and do that best with what you got.

These things won't work because the most important skill you need to get what you want  is this: 

Confused by your behavior in your love life?

Get instant access to The Ultimate Guide to Self-Sabotaging Patterns of Love

Simple actions to take to break your unwanted patterns in love once and for all.

You must first do the inner work to break old patterns and embrace new ways to create the life and love you really want.

Here we help single women who feel lost, insecure or defeated in the dating world do that very inner work so they can gain clarity, build confidence and thrive in their love lives.


Here we help partnered women who struggle with self-worth issues and chronic relationship problems also do that inner work so they can reclaim that truth and power they lost along the way and thrive in their love lives too.

Seven years ago I was living what some would call high vibe life in New York City. I had the career, the home and the social life living in one of the greatest cities in the world. It seemed like I had it all but I couldn't figure out why I wasn't thriving in my love life...

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