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Michele Wellington
Emotional Embodiment Training ⊹ Business Led by Wholeness



beneath the pressure of perfectionism...

 beyond the outdated models of 'success'...

woven throughout systemic dis-ease...

and deep inside the rich reservoir of unresolved wounding...


resides your Free, Embodied and Whole Woman.

Living in authenticity...


Holding an emotionally mature consciousness...

Bringing the benefits of tending to her own needs to her relationships with others...


Generating power and creating health and freedom in her life.


When you're Emotionally Embodied and led by Wholeness you will...


Know yourself better

Trust yourself better

Feel your worth and “enough-ness”

Do things with pleasure

Create a magnetic field to draw your desires in

Expand your capacity to hold

Expand you capacity to give

Expand your capacity to receive


The Emotional Embodiment and Wholeness Path is...


 A journey of self-commitment.

A journey you take to remember key Truths about yourself.

It's an initiation through which you upgrade and refine your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual worlds.


It's a path to learn the skills to live an emotionally embodied life and steward a business led by wholeness

It's a navigation through the dark that enables you to create a changed reality.


It's a transformation from confusion and struggle to potential and power.

Welcome. My name is


My childhood was great in many ways and difficult in others. The details of my challenges aren't relevant for this story. What's relevant to share today is that I had emotional needs in my childhood that did not get met and when I became a physical adult, I began to experience some of the consequences of these unmet childhood needs.

As an emotionally disembodied woman, low confidence, self-abandonment, estrangement from my family, troubled romantic relationships, unfulfilling work, mysterious health problems and dis-ease encompassed my reality. To cope I turned to addiction, perfectionism, control and rigid self-sufficiency which furthered the disembodiment.


When I discovered the world of self-help books and personal development, I entered an even more painful reality of obsessively looping through trying to fix and heal myself. In just 2 years I spent a shocking amount of money inside the transformational coaching world and in the process became emotionally dependent on teachers, communities and modalities to make me whole again.

I'll admit, I made some wonderful changes and experienced some flashy 'success' during that time but I was still troubled by two things:


(1) Deep down I still thought I was broken because there were deeper layers emotional embodiment work to do. What was different now was a growing awareness that the work needed to be sourced from within rather than without.


(2) I was trying to start and sustain a business but kept getting scared, starting and stopping, feeling like a fraud, "failing" at launches and exhausting myself because all of what was unresolved for me emotionally expressed itself perfectly in my workings in business.

From these two areas of growth over a decade come the offerings I share with you today.


Emotional Embodiment Training will support you in inhabiting yourself more fully by developing facility with your emotions, integrating the past and (re)building relationships of any kind (romantic, familial, work, business, self etc) from the ground up so you can use them for healing and growth.

Business Led By Wholeness takes everything in Emotional Embodiment Training and applies it to your endeavors in business, creative expression in the world so you bring all the benefits of tending to your wholeness and growing yourself emotionally into stewarding a business that gives you Life.

Please read on to learn more.


The Offerings

Revealing ⊹ Penetrating ⊹ Liberating


Identifying emotions & needs, facility with the language of emotions and needs, emotional embodiment practices, nervous system regulation, inner parts // inner family work, healing vestiges of childhood wounding and family dysfunction, strengthening emotional maturity and sovereignty, breaking patterns of enmeshment in relationships, exquisite self-care


Everything in Emotional Embodiment Training+

Tuning into your unique transmission in business, writing your Origin Story, defining your unique Human Curriculum (up to current times), clarifying the role of spirituality in and business, authentic creations and offerings, marketing from wholeness and selling with integrity, emotionally sovereign business energetics, walking the path of Business Led by Wholeness

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