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So many of us want a thriving intimate relationship with someone else and I believe the most intimate relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. 


But it takes work. That's why I created Women Can Heal to provide a community of growth-oriented women who crave mastery over their emotions,  fulfilling romantic lives and a sense of inner peace a space to do this very important work together. 

First, I want to give you props.


You've done the work or are actively working to build a life you enjoy. You have the job, the home, the friends, the social life and a passion in life. You have SO much of yourself to share in relationship. And you know deep down there is so much more you want to experience out of life through a healthy committed relationship.


But right now the love game might be getting you down.

You might be feeling lost, insecure and on the verge of defeat when it comes to finding love.


You might be struggling with feeling loved enough or having the same argument over and over with your partner.

If you want a fulfilling and committed relationship it won't matter how much time you spend swiping, on first dates, or (if you're like me) boycotting dating altogether and waiting for Mr. Right to magically show up on our front step.


If you want that deeper fuller relationship it won't matter how much you try to accept your frustration, insecurity and unhappiness as a "normal" part of relationships and do that best with what you got.

These things won't work because the most important skills you need are these: 

Do your emotions get the best of you in dating and relationships?

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You must first do the inner work to break old emotional patterns and integrate new ways of being so you can create the life and relationships you really want.
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I believe we evolve through the process of integration.

My body of work is uncovering and revealing and

 in service to three things:

Supporting your


facility with your emotions, growing maturity,

trigger processing, self-awareness, emotional regulation 

Delivering my unique 


intentional dating, conscious relationships,

communication skills, relationships as practice

Holding intimate space for you to


embodiment work, life purpose work, deep self-care,

self-trust, integration of past trauma

Seven years ago I was living what some would call high vibe life in New York City. I had the career, the home and the social life living in one of the greatest cities in the world. It seemed like I had it all but I couldn't figure out why my love life was such a mess...

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