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Embody the Truth of Who You Are
Emotional Embodiment with Michele Wellington

Do your emotions get the best of you?

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Hey! I'm


I believe we each came here to reunite with and embody the truth of who we really are.


Childhood wounding, on whatever scale at whatever frequency, can destroy that connection to truth and it can destroy our connection to self. Without that connection we feel lost, confused and unhappy and stop evolving. 

I know you want to know who you really are. To live fully in the present moment with authenticity and deep down you know resolving and completing the past is the way.


But it takes work.


That's why I created Women Can Heal to provide a community of growth-oriented women ready to answer the call to reclaim their inner peace a space to do this very important work of emotional embodiment together. 


Emotional embodiment is a journey of self-commitment.

You remember key truths about yourself.

It's a change through which you improve not only your emotional wellness but your physical, mental and spiritual wellness too.


You learn the skills to live an emotionally evolved and self-directed life while continuing to strive to reach your full potential.

It's a navigation through the dark that enables you to create a changed reality from a life of pain and struggle to a life of power and possibility.


This work is uncovering, revealing and penetrating and I'm here to be of service to your transformation in the following areas:


facility with emotions & needs, embodiment practices, trigger processing, nervous system regulation, healing vestiges of childhood trauma and family dysfunctionintegration work, self-care


recovery from co-dependency & love/emotional addiction, emotional sobriety, empowered dating, conscious partnership, communication skills, boundaries, relationship as practice, conscious uncoupling, abandonment recovery


writing your origin story, life purpose work, authentic creations and offerings in business, emotionally sovereign business energetics, walking the path of Spirit Led Business

Seven years ago I was living what some would call high vibe life in New York City. I had the career, the home and the social life living in one of the greatest cities in the world. It seemed like I had it all but I couldn't figure out why I felt so lost and alone and desperately wanted to discover what was missing...

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