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You Can Be Subtly & Powerfully Supported In Your Healing.
Plants carry ancient teachings and wisdom and bring unique gifts to the world.

Allied Healing Apothecary offers flower essence remedies to support you in receiving these gifts and embodying the teachings and wisdom.

Vibrational flower essences are gentle yet potent herbal remedies that capture the energetic imprint of flowers.
Flower essences contain no flavor, fragrance, or physical trace of the plants from which they came. Using the sun to harness the innate life force and vibrational frequencies of these blooming teachers, flower essences offer a unique and non-invasive approach to deep emotional healing.

Through intentional journeying with these liquid elixirs, you'll gently revitalize your mind, body, and spirit so you can embrace a life of balance, clarity, and alignment like never before.
Herbal Oils
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