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The most important commitment you'll ever make is the one you make to yourself.

My approach is rooted in self-compassion, honoring the process of growth, recovery and embodiment balanced with a fierce commitment to unwinding the emotional patterns that no longer serve you.


Inside the COMMITTED membership you'll the guidance and community you need to unwind your emotional patterns, build healthy relationships and embody the truth of who you are.

Here's What I Think I Know About You

You're an aware woman, a seeker of truth and a leader at heart.

You've already started the work to overcome your personal challenges.

You get that the inner work is the path to showing up powerfully in your life.


You're proud of what you've been able to accomplish so far


And you know you want to go deeper.  

You Might Be Wondering

Why is there this gap between where I am and where I want to be?

Why can't I find or or sustain the relationships I want?

Why are emotions and expressing myself so difficult?

How can I unlearn the things I was taught in childhood?

How do I develop a strong sense identity and security in the world?

I've Ask Myself These Same Questions

I know what it's like to want to  step into your Vision but something keeps holding you back


On the outside...


Life is busy and it can feel like you're on the hamster wheel just keeping up with every day demands, and barely finding time to deliberately create positive change in your life


You have limited precious energy each day and prioritizing which things you could give that energy to can be a challenge.


You also might be looking around and yearning for community who understands the growth process and offers support and accountability.


On the inside...


You might find it hard to step out of your habitual way of being and keep starting and stopping the inner work.


You could have the head knowledge yet stuck in the same patterns. 


You might even have had experience creating positive change in the past and seen some results, but it might feel like not enough change is happening, or that the change isn't consistent or lasting for you.

Now, let me tell you why you can't afford
to go on like this any longer...

In the last two years we have lived through so much and

we are still living through a lot.

We're living through charged political and social climates.

I look at our society and I see war, polarization, impulsive behavior, lack of consideration for context, dwindling ability to offer grace and patience to others and general decrease in regard for fellow human beings.

At the root of all of this is a lack of connection to self, attachment to ego and it’s a global problem stemming from trauma and a need for control.

We need more emotionally embodied leaders committed to showing up, growing up and resolving their traumas.

If more of us can do this we'll contribute to improving the collective health and safety of all people and contribute to building a better world.

So on a personal and collective level, we've got some work to do.

Here's What I Think You Want

Happiness, balance and health in all areas of your life.


Ease in dealing with and expressing your emotions.


Peace from within and a sense of inner security.


Intimacy and true partnership with someone who really sees you.


Most importantly, you want to get to know yourself on a more intimate level and feel good about being you.


You want to tap into the joy of being you and feel free.

What if your commitment
holds the key to all of this?

True commitment is a covenant with yourself.

When you make a self-commitment you dedicate yourself to the process, the good, the bad and the ugly and you let go of the outcome.

Self-commitment is an act of the deepest holding and loving of yourself because it takes self-discipline, trust and faith in the face of struggle and in the face of the unknown.

If your bigger purpose to grow yourself and improve your life is the anchor, your self-commitment is the fuel that takes you to your destination.

Stepping into that level of commitment to self, that level of responsibility for your deepest desires...

you remember you are a woman capable of having what she wants in life.

You remember you are a woman who can...

Let go of her self-abandoning habits and courageously face reality and the truth of her being

Express her needs, wants and standards in relationships with power and grace and feel heard and supported and show up to receive the same for others

Feel absolutely confident in her worth, lovability, and value and never has to compromise or settle for less

Understand the difference between trauma bonds & genuine love or something healthy or toxic

Know how to deal with any emotion or challenge effectively and become masterful at transforming any difficult situation into a blessing

Bring an internal confidence and trust in yourself to be fully expressed in your gifts that only comes with knowing who you really are and want you really want


My story of

The first memory I have is seeing my mother crying on the stairs of the house I grew up in.


I’m pretty sure that was the day my father left. I had no understanding of what had happened that day but it set me on my lifelong journey and study of the art of self-commitment.

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After my parents divorced I recall a childhood that was really great in a lot of ways and really difficult in others.


With the difficulty, I started reaching for things that could help manage the painful feelings I was carrying around inside. First it was sugar and junk food. Then TV and music. Then boys at school and romantic fantasy. When I went off to college I had everything I needed to avoid feeling and facing myself. I had alcohol and my obsessive and relentless search for “love”.

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For the next 15 years I used substances and my search for "love" to completely turn away from myself. 

During that time I stuffed my feelings deep inside me. I was emotionally unregulated. I couldn’t find the relationship I desperately wanted. I tolerated poor behavior when I did get into a relationship. I lacked consistent care for myself and didn’t know what I wanted, what I needed or who I was.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.42.08 PM.png

I was unhappy and moving from city to city searching for answers.


In each new city, I recreated the same scenarios that left me feeling angry, sad, emotionally exhausted and spiritually defeated. I was reaching a breaking point and could feel how disconnected from myself I had become.

In 2016, in a moment of clarity, I decided to stop drinking and start down a path of getting to know myself.


I know now it was my very first sign of my purpose in teaching women how to deeply commit to themselves and the emerging truth of who they are.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.42.08 PM.png

I set out on the difficult yet rewarding task of self-commitment.


(1) I had to orient myself and see where I actually was in comparison to where I said I wanted to be. I acknowledge my own readiness to change and started creating a powerful Vision of want I wanted and the woman I wanted to be.

(2) I began awakening to the ongoing beliefs, habits and actions that were hindering my emotional development and lowering my capacity for healthy love

(3) I gain awareness of the link between my upbringing and my patterns of self-abandoning

(4) I attuned to my emotional landscape and the deepest needs of my inner family (inner child, inner teenager, critical parent) grieved my losses and completed the past

(4) I began anew in my romantic relationships applying new habits and ways of thinking/being that align with my new Vision and emotionally mature relationships.

(5) I committed to myself and the embodiment of my Truth in all areas of my life.


This process is The Embodied Woman curriculum I now teach.

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I witnessed my level of care for myself increase and my emotional maturity blossom.


I entered into the relationship I am still in today and learned what it takes to show up in a mature and conscious way.


My connection to my intuition returned and I developed an unshakable trust in myself that I will take to my grave.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.42.08 PM.png

I am committed.


And now I want to help YOU commit, 

find peace with yourself and with your past,

fall in love with yourself,


experience healthy love,

own your worth fully,

embody the truth of who you are

and understand your purpose in life.

Are you committed?

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  • COMMITTED is a virtual membership for women committed to coming into their full power through emotional growth work.


  • COMMITTED is a self-directed and self-paced journey where you will be guided through coaching, courses, daily prompts for self-reflection, community events and other content I will develop in the future. 

  • COMMITTED is an opportunity to get into relationship with Emotional Embodiment and to engage with me and my Embodied Womanhood Curriculum which is my structure of mentorship and transformation for women. 

  • COMMITTED is an invitation immerse in the company of other growth oriented women who want the same things you do.

This body of work will help you:

(1) develop facility with your emotions

(2) integrate what is unresolved from the past and reclaim your inner peace

(3) (re)build intimate relationships from the ground up and use them for healing, growth and full self-expression


Working with this curriculum is not easy but it has the potential to transform you into an Embodied Woman.


"The Embodied Woman" lives in her true purpose. She embodies an emotionally evolved consciousness and continuously brings the benefits of tending to her own needs in her interactions and relationships with others. This generates power and creates freedom in her life.

Here's What You'll Receive

Your Membership Components

  • A private membership platform housed on Circle (desktop & IOS app) 

  • A clear and directed pathway to guide you on your journey

  • LIVE Q&A, Coaching & Practice calls with Michele

  • Access to The Embodied Womanhood Curriculum (one online intensive, two courses, trainings, emotional growth scripts, audios, in-depth PDFs and more content as it's created)

  • A gorgeous community of like-minded women rooting for you because they want the same things you do

What's Included

The Embodied Womanhood Pathway 

You will be guided step by step on your journey through the 6 modules of my premium online intensive Emotional Mastery. This intensive will take you through my unique method (see below) of emotional embodiment, transformation and growth and teach you how to better manage emotions, step into courageous vulnerability  and find freedom, joy and inner peace.

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Step One: Orientation

  • Readiness for embodiment and to make a change after a period of challenge

  • Willingness to explore what lies beyond the struggle

  • Grounding in a powerful Vision of who you want to be at the completion of this journey

Founding Member Bonuses

Emotional Growth Essentials 

A practice is anything you commit to regularly that helps you improve a skill. Emotional growth practices can help you grow your skill of emotional maturity and self-regulation when the ride of life gets bumpy. In this 6-session course design an Emotional Growth Practice that can hold you down and lift you up no matter what life throws your way.


Emotional Growth Tools 

No matter how solid our emotional growth practice is, sometimes strong emotional triggers come up that can knock us off balance. In this 6-session course create an Emotional Safety Plan to use for processing triggers, relieving stress and getting back in to balance when you need it the most. 

Emotional Growth Prerequisites

Emotional growth and healing are not linear and there is no set rulebook. We're unique and need different things but through my own emotional growth work and supporting women through theirs, I've created a short list of 5 basic skills that people need to lay the foundation for their emotional growth and I teach them in this training.

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The Emotional Inventory Class

Just like businesses need to take regular inventory to run well, people must do the same with their thoughts, emotions, needs and actions. In this training I'm going to teach you how to work with your emotions by using four writing practices called emotional inventories.

Create the Perfect Nervous System Care Kit 

Over the course of my lifetime there were so many times when when my nervous system was a wreck and I didn't know what to do about it. I've learned the skill of nervous system regulation by discovering the specific self-care behaviors I needed to support my emotional well-being and in this training I'll teach you the same.

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Emotional Growth Scripts

Emotional Growth Scripts are a compilation of the empowering language I used to handle my most pressing love life scenarios while dating and the conscious AKA self-responsible language I used to maintain and sustain my current partnership. As a COMMITTED member you will receive (1) Empowered Dating Scripts, (2) Conscious Relationship Scripts and (3) Diffusing Defenses Scripts.

Emotional Growth Journeys 

Emotions are raw, pure and useable energy that when harnessed properly can wake you up to your patterns, beliefs, needs, most tender insecurities and post powerful desires hidden within you. As a COMMITTED member you will receive a set of guided meditations so you can sit and effectively work with emotions as they arise. 

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In-Depth Guidebooks 

In-Depth Guidebooks are 30-page deep dives into my world, method and approach. Inside these guidebooks you'll find potent and easy to digest teachings on emotional maturity, healing and building healthy relationships as well as ready to use practices and embodiment assignments to support you along the way. As a COMMITTED member you will receive (1) How to Heal While Dating, (2) How to Heal In Partnership and (3) 6 Hard Truths About Dating & Relationships (4) The Art of Self-Trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Working With Me in Community Is Like

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About Your Guide & This Space

Michele is a Emotional Embodiment Guide and mentor for women at Women Can Heal. A seeker and practitioner of Life she's learned the art embodied self-commitment by consciously engaging with and radically transforming her life over the last ten years. 

In her teaching and mentoring she brings precision, raw truth, fierce loyalty and immense love to the women she works with. She infuses her work with kindness, encouragement, patience and a dash of humor and balances all that out with honest reflection encouraging you past any distractions, blindspots or denial you may have around your emotional growth, healing, Desire and purpose.


She'll have your back in awakening more than perhaps anyone you'll ever meet in a lifetime. It is her calling to bring this level of transformative work to other women so they can experience the lasting changes she, and so many others before them have. 

COMMITTED is (to this day) Michele's full expression of her life's work and healing journey. This space is a fusion of the most potent and effective methodologies and emotional growth work Michele has come into contact with over the last ten years that has worked for her. Michele has been exposed to a lot of transformational work and has landed on the structure and method of healing she called Embodied Womanhood to be delivered inside of this membership.

If you made it down this far, you may have noticed that forests, trees, leaves (fresh and dried), dark and sunlit pathways decorate this sales page. This was intentional because the vibe of COMMITTED is that of entering a big and lush forest where things that have served their purpose and are dropping off and dying and making space for new to grow and flourish. This is exactly the purpose  Michele hopes this space will serve for you and others who join.



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Thank you for this divinely vesseled offering.

Thank you to Spirit, my guides, my ancestors, the Nisenan land upon which I live, the Yuba river, my teachers, my partner Julian, my parents Gloria and Tony, my sister Nicole, my soul sisters on the path with me, my fellows, my photographer Alyssa Keys, to the make up artistry of Misty Spinney, to my beautiful body and lastly to the energy and frequency of COMMITMENT that has always moved through me.