Give yourself the priceless gift of time and structure to do intentional inner work so you can thrive in your love life. 

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Do you spend too much time swiping, browsing dating sites and texting with potentials?

Have you gotten overwhelmed with dating and put your love life on the back burner telling yourself you'll get to it later?

Do you want to save your relationship but (a) feel haunted by your dating history and (b) get sabotaged by your patterns?


Have you ever left a relationship not recognizing yourself because you changed for the other person?

Do you know deep down there is something off about your love life but don’t have any tools or opportunity to change, grow out of it or try something new?

Introducing Date With Depth

Date With Depth is a 6-week course that will teach you exactly how I went from feeling hopeless in my dating and relationships to using them to grow and love myself more than I ever have.  Date With Depth is an intentional way to engage with your love life. It's designed to illuminate the root causes of your ongoing challenges in dating and relationships and teach you how to free yourself from the blocks that have been holding you back from the healthy, passionate and purposeful relationship you seek. It will do all this in an incredibly supportive, empowering and inspiring environment.

During This Course You'll

✔️ Learn the steps to find or create the relationship of your dreams

✔️ Get to the bottom of what's not working in your dating and relationship life and learn how to change it

✔️ Heal the beliefs and unresolved hurts from past relationship that are preventing you from having the love you want right now

✔️ Raise your self-esteem to new heights you didn't even know were possible, which will transform your relationship to dating and your relationship with yourself

✔️ Learn practical tools for dating successfully along with powerful communication skills that will have you feel empowered, fortified, respected, loved, and supported

and most importantly you'll....


Have your relationships felt difficult or short-lived and now you want something strong and sustainable?

If so, you aren't alone and there is nothing wrong with you. 

If dating and relationships have got you down there may be two reasons for why that is:

1. You haven't yet done the inner work needed to date and relate successfully.

2. You don't yet have a safe place to engage intentionally with yourself and your love life.

If you want a healthy sustainable love and relationship you deserve to have it!

You are meant to be with someone who can connect with you on a deeper level. Someone you don't necessarily have to have a bunch of shared interests with, or someone who has a specific job or lifestyle. Someone who at the end of the day can truly see you, talk about the hard stuff, show up and be vulnerable with you. You are meant to be with someone who you can build an extraordinary life with and learn more about yourself in the process.

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I know this desire very well because it's my desire too.

Hi! I'm Michele, founder of Women Can Heal and transformation coach for women. After nearly 15 years of ghosting, being dumped, chasing unavailable men and finding unhealthy love, without having to compromise on my worth or values, I discovered how to find the love I deserved. I had no idea slowing down to do the inner work would change my life forever. I'm now in a passionate, soulful and committed relationship of over 4 years with a wonderful man I'm  proud and grateful to wake up next to each morning. Date With Depth is the course I wish had existed when I was looking for support with my dating life. It’s perfect for women who feel lost, insecure and on the verge of defeat in their love life and want hope, inspiration and practical tools to transform their love lives.

Become the woman you know you came here to be who will have potential partners love you with all their hearts.

What You Will Learn and Do

During the course I will take you through my signature

Depth Dating Approach

Here is a preview of the experience we'll have together:

Week 1: Visioning
  • Set your big vision and desire for love, dating and relationship fulfilled


  • Explore your capacity for healthy sustainable relationships


  • Tap into a pool of love, hope, power and sisterhood

Week 2: Clearing
  • Clear out what is in the way of you finding love

  • Discover the core beliefs and blocks affecting your ability to create a sustainable loving relationship

  • Examine your toxic ties and self-sabotaging patterns

Week 3: Releasing
  • Redefine who you are in relationship as you complete and release the past

  • Explore the ingredients of true forgiveness and let go of old hurts and grudges

  • Find meaning and purpose in the challenges you've had in dating and relationships

Week 4: Education
  • Educate and fortify yourself with tools to begin removing your blocks to love

  • Learn your attachment style and how it impacts your ability to find and be in healthy sustainable partnership

  • Learn how to use red flags to your advantage and shore up your boundaries​

Week 5: Action
  • Create a unique dating and relationship plan that will empower and inspire you

  • Make empowered choices for your health and happiness in love and dating and relationships

  • Take action toward creating more possibilities for healthy, sustainable love

Week 6: Integration
  • Lay the foundation for love, truth and conviction on your journey toward continued healing and fulfilled love

  • Use or enhance gratitude as a tool for attracting sustainable love relationships 

  • Execute your dating and relationship plan and date and relate with depth


What's Included in Date With Depth? 

  • 6 live virtual classes Sundays 11am PST to 1pm PST ($997 value)

  • Intimate course limited to 8 women for tailored instruction and focused attention

  • Inspiring lecture, stimulating dialogue, individualized coaching, powerful exercises and experiential homework weekly


Course Bonuses

60-min support session with course lead Michele ($199 value)

A digital workbook to guide you through the content ($99 value)


private Facebook group with daily coaching support from Michele (priceless)

Lifetime access to a digital library with replay videos, handouts and other resources to review during and after the course (priceless)


gif_1583191094 2.GIF

$1295 Worth of Value for...

Pay In Full

$697 (Best Deal)

Payment Plan

2 Payments of $398.50

3 Payments of $282.50

Psst! Not ready to sign up or submit your application just yet? Have some more questions? No problem! This is a big decision and it should feel like a hell yes! In the meantime scroll down to hear from recent graduates and for answers to FAQs about Date With Depth or book a Date With Depth Discovery Call with me so we can chat. Click here to book your call. 

What Graduates of Date With Depth Are Saying...

“I realized I approach dating feeling completely defeated right out of the gate.


I was looking for new perspectives and new energy to help reframe my mindset. I was curious to see what I would learn and who else would be there with me. What I found was a safe and supportive space to talk about the current state of dating from a variety of perspectives. And Michele provided key insights to navigate us through it, many of which I had never thought about in relation dating successfully. Having such a productive conversation about dating and relationships in general, helped me to realize some areas where I need to grow, boundaries I need to set and questions I need to get clear on to be able to find what I’m looking for. I left feeling more empowered, a sense of community and with some much needed tools."

Brand Manager

29, Based in San Francisco

What Graduates of Date With Depth Are Saying...

"I wasn't really sure if it was going to work for me..."


What Graduates of Date With Depth Are Saying...

"This is an invaluable space.


I definitely got what I wanted from the beginning when I said I wanted a band of sisters who want to date consciously so I’m very grateful to you, Michele, for hosting and leading this for our sharing and listening. Very often growing up I didn’t feel like I was listened to and I definitely didn't feel any issues around that in this space. Date With Depth was a powerful catalyst and provided inspiration to keep moving forward.”


Art Therapist 

"I really want coaching but it's often too expensive."

  • Group programs are the most affordable way to go to work with me! I am scaling the cost of coaching across a group of participants who will share the time energy and services. It’s a win-win for everyone! Flexible payment plans are also available for this course.

"So, is this group therapy?" 

  • No. This is an educational course with coaching. While I do have a Psychology Degree and Masters of Education, I am not a licensed mental health professional and I do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health services that would require a license. What I do is provide education and coaching services that often result in substantial learning and life transformation.

"I'm interested but I don't really like getting vulnerable in groups.​"

  • There is power in sharing our stories. For many women, their stories are locked and buried deep within them with few outlets to express. When you take a risk and share in a safe community you can be seen and heard and those are often the first steps toward healing. And of course I tell all women I work with that you have the choice to share as much or as little as you want. Just remember that having more skin in the game raises the stakes and the likelihood of high rewards and big transformation. Finally, if groups aren't your thing there is also an option for a one-on-one private adaptation for this program. Please book a Find Your Person or a Legendary Love Breakthrough Session with me for more details. 

"I am working with a therapist already. Is it ok to take a course like this?​"

  • ABSOLUTELY! And... I would mention it to your therapist. Here are my thoughts. Working with both a therapist and a coach simultaneously can be a wonderful and complementary experience. In therapy, you get to look at every part of yourself that has shaped you into the person you are.  In coaching experiences like this, you'll get to look at who you are right now AND who you want to be.  Having both a therapist and coaching experiences like this can support each other as knowing how you came to be where you are will often help you become the person you want to be.

"What if I can't make a Sunday call?​"

  • Date With Depth is designed for you to have a dramatic and lasting transformation! It's for women who are committed to doing whatever it takes to do the inner work to find and create exceptional love. Each call, assignment, exercise is included to ensure your success. I strongly encourage all participants to do what they can to attend all the calls to get the maximum benefit out of the course. With that being said, participants are permitted to miss one call. Missing more than one (outside an emergency) will result in you being dropped from the course with no refund. 

"I don't know. I'm still on the fence. Six weeks seems like a short amount of time to get all of this done. Can you promise me the love life I want when this is all through?"

  • I wouldn’t be offering Date With Depth if I didn’t feel highly confident that I could help find and create exceptional love by working with your thoughts and clearing your emotional blockages. With that being said, your transformation ultimately depends on you to do the work here. That means showing up and engaging as much as you can with this stuff. Our classroom experiences and coaching are meant to deliver you the tools to get the continued outcomes you want without needing me after the program completes. So yes, I believe Date With Depth will lead you to the things you are looking for. Read more praise for and results from the program here.

Alright! Let's do it!

What Graduates of Date With Depth Are Saying...

"I had some pretty BIG revelations..."

Are You Ready to Date With Depth?

Date With Depth is a priceless investment in yourself and is available to 8 women per cohort. This program is for people committed to their health, happiness and healing. It's for women who are ready to stop living in pain, stress and uncertainty about her love life and start dating intentionally to find and create the love they deserve. You want to speak with my directly you can book a 30 minute Date With Depth Discovery Call. 

Take a moment to ask yourself these four important questions before booking your a call:

1. Do I really want to transform my love life right now?

2. Can I find a quiet place for my Date With Depth Discovery Call?

3. Can I show up on time for my Date With Depth Discovery Call?

4. Am I committed to my healing, growth and fulfillment?

What Graduates of Date With Depth Are Saying...

"This is a truly healing and transformative course.

Highly recommend!"

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Michele Wellington. I'm a certified personal coach at Women Can Heal, a facilitator of conscious communities and the founder of The Women’s Wake Up Club. I consider myself a seeker and practitioner of life. I've learned the art finding love by radically transforming my life over the last ten years. Read more about my story here.

After nearly 15 years of ghosting, being dumped, chasing unavailable men, and finding unhealthy love, without having to compromise on my worth or values, I discovered how to find and create the love I deserved.


I'm now in a passionate, soulful and committed relationship with a wonderful man I'm  proud and grateful to wake up next to each morning. In my teaching and coaching I bring precision, raw truth, fierce loyalty and immense love to the women I work with. I bring kindness, support and patience and balance it out with honest reflection encouraging you past any distractions you have around your awakening, healing, desire and purpose.


Here's the bottom line: I'll have your back in wake-up more than perhaps anyone you'll ever meet in a lifetime. It is my calling to bring this transformative work to other women so they can experience the lasting changes I, and so many others before them have. 


"I loved participating in Michele's program.


I'm really committed to creating amazing relationships and I know that can't happen with the examples I learned growing up. Michele is open, honest and present, creating a comfortable, loving space. The exercises she led were authentic and impactful. She allows me as a participant to experience the shift and education by asking the right questions instead of blinding lecturing. Michele is a lovely person and a fantastic relationship coach. I can't wait for my next program with her!"


Executive Assistant at COUTURME