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Be led by honesty, desire and connection.

Live Your Vision and Purpose in your Partnership

Insecurity in relationship is extremely common for women and the responsibility of laying those fears to rest are on us. 


It doesn’t matter how much your partner tells you he loves you, if you haven’t worked on the underlying causes for your lack of confidence, clarity and security in your relationship you will continue to feel dissatisfied and wonder what l you are doing.

Unfortunately when it comes to relationship work many women think she has to change herself to fit her environment or settle for what is. That’s when bitterness is born and starts corroding the foundation of love your relationship sits on.


I help women get honest with herself, by doing the inner work to overcome her biggest blocks to creating and having the relationship of her dreams.


Imagine the joy you will feel once you resolve the underlying issues contributing to your relationship woes. Discover your vision and purpose for your partnership and live into it. 

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Book your complimentary Phenomenal Partnership Breakthrough Session  

During this 40 min session you will:

  • Create a new vision for yourself and the relationship you really want

  • Identify the true sources of your partnership dilemmas and discover how they are sabotaging your relationship efforts

  • Walk away with a clear plan on how to take your parnership from flat to phenomenal

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What Women Are Saying: Deb

Michele illuminates and clarifies my desires inside and outside a relationship. She is laser focused and clean in her delivery style. 

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