When it comes to finding love there is

SO much "help" out there.

If you Google “how to find love” you’ll get 11,170,000,000 results in 0.80 seconds.

You've already tried the dating apps, asking people you know to think of someone good for you and stopped dating completely to focus on yourself.

You've hit the internet and sifted though all the noise of articles, YouTube channels, blogs, e-books and free online mini-courses. You've read the self-help books and explored love gurus and coaches with big promises for your love life. You've even waved your white flag and surrendered yourself over to resources ready to show you step by step: 

  • how to date and think like a man

  • how to be a "bitchy" or aloof to get a man

  • how to follow and play by certain rules to win the dating game

  • how to act small, reserved and lady-like to avoid scaring prospects away

  • how to be distant and mysterious to build intrigue

  • how to use the law of attraction to manifest in a partner 

Unfortunately when you feel the urgency to find love and a lasting relationship you convince yourself to take advice from all these sources because whether you want to admit it or not:

really wanting an intimate partnership and not having it yet is one of the most painful human experiences.

One moment you are on the upswing of a potential love connection feeling happy, excited and hopeful about the future and the next moment on the downswing of rejection, frustration, confusion and hopelessness about the future.

So you try some things out, so called solutions like above, and they fail because you are encouraged to be less of yourself upfront and you are driven by your own fear.

You find yourself becoming someone you aren’t and hope that being this version of yourself will help you find a meaningful and lasting connection.


When you don't find that lasting connection it can lead to bitterness in your heart, an efforting and restlessness in the void of relationship, low-confidence and wondering if there is something wrong with you.


Sooner or later to cope with these painful feelings you:

  • bottle up your feelings 

  • fake it and pretend everything is fine

  • lower your overall standards in dating

  • overanalyze what you're doing wrong 

  • stay silent when you do meet someone to keep from rocking the boat

In the end we barely recognize ourselves because we've done the thing we swore we'd never do: We've settled in love and dating and lost ourselves.

Guess what?

You're not alone.

So few of us are given any instruction and modeling of healthy relationships and we try the wrong things in an attempt to fix our love lives. Many of us think a solution "out there" is the key to our happiness.


If you're looking for a relationship it won't matter how much time you spend swiping or how many dates you go on. It won't matter if you boycott dating altogether in hopes of your dream person finding you first.

If you feel stuck, trapped or at your wits end in dating and relationships you might be missing a simple yet essential piece of the puzzle.


When you're experiencing ongoing challenges in your love life: 

as hard as you try to fix your love life on the outside you won't be able to change it if you don't transform on the inside.

The underlying causes for your lack of success in dating will keep you meeting the same people you aren’t compatible and in the same (or more) pain.

So what can you do instead?

Introducing Date With Depth

DATE WITH DEPTH is a 6-week course for 8 women that is an intentional way to engage with your love life. This program is designed to illuminate the root causes of your ongoing challenges in dating and relationships and teach you how to free yourself from the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that have been holding you back from the committed relationship you seek. It will do all this in an incredibly supportive, empowering and inspiring environment. 

Who Is An Ideal Depth Dater? 

This program will be a great fit if you fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • You're single and want a relationship

  • You've been out of a relationship for some time and think you might be ready to fall in love again

  • You're becoming aware of your relationship patterns and want to break free of them 

  • You seem to have it all but the one thing missing is someone to share it with.

  • You feel like you are spinning your wheels inside your love life and wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?”

  • You feel confident and empowered in most areas of your life except love and relationships

  • You think you are a catch but you, your friends and family are baffled by why you are still single

  • You have become jaded and untrusting about love and relationships and deep down you want to change that

  • You feel like you do EVERYTHING right in the beginning but can’t seem to get a partner to commit 

  • You're tired and weary of falling for inappropriate and unavailable people 

What You Will Learn and Do

During the course I will take you through my signature

Depth Dating Approach

Here is a preview of the experience we'll have together:

Week 1: Visioning
  • Set your big vision for love and relationship fulfilled


  • Explore your capacity for healthy relationship


  • Tap into a pool of love and sisterhood

Week 2: Clearing
  • Clear out what is in the way of you finding love

  • Discover the core beliefs and blocks affecting your ability to create a sustainable loving relationship

  • Examine your toxic ties and self-sabotaging patterns

Week 3: Releasing
  • Redefine who you are in relationship as you complete and release the past

  • Explore the ingredients of true forgiveness and let go of grudges

  • Find meaning and purpose in the challenges you've had in dating and relationships

Week 4: Education
  • Educate and fortify yourself with new knowledge and supportive tools

  • Learn how to start removing your blocks to love

  • Learn how to use red flags to your advantage and shore up your boundaries​

Week 5: Action
  • Create a unique dating plan that will empower and inspire you

  • Make empowered choices for your health and happiness in love and dating

  • Take action toward creating more possibilities for love

Week 6: Integration
  • Lay the foundation for love, truth and conviction on your journey toward continued healing and fulfilled love

  • Use or enhance gratitude as a tool for attracting a sustainable love relationship 

  • Execute your dating plan and date with depth

  • 6 Live Virtual Group Calls Sundays 11am PST to 1pm PST ($750 value)

  • Intimate course limited to 8 women

  • Inspiring lecture, stimulating dialogue, powerful coaching and experiential exercises/homework weekly


BONUS #1: A 60-min support session with course lead Michele ($175 value) 

BONUS #2: A digital workbook to guide you through the content ($49 value)

BONUS #3: A private Facebook group with daily support from Michele

BONUS #4: Access to a digital library with replay videos, handouts and other resources to review during and after the course

What Participants Are Saying...

“I got confirmation of my own healthy boundaries and got reminders of important self-care practices.” 

Registration for Date With Depth is now OPEN!

Date With Depth begins February 9, 2020. 

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What Participants Are Saying...

“I realized I approach dating feeling completely defeated right out of the gate.


I was looking for new perspectives and new energy to help reframe my mindset. I was curious to see what I would learn and who else would be there with me. What I found was a safe and supportive space to talk about the current state of dating from a variety of perspectives. And Michele provided key insights to navigate us through it, many of which I had never thought about in relation dating successfully. Having such a productive conversation about dating and relationships in general, helped me to realize some areas where I need to grow, boundaries I need to set and questions I need to get clear on to be able to find what I’m looking for. I left feeling more empowered, a sense of community and with some much needed tools."

What participants are saying...

“I enrolled because I had a big desire for a relationship.

The coaching, journaling exercises and personal sharing on the video calls were most valuable to me. For any woman on the fence about enrolling I would say you can try to solve your problems all alone OR you can get real community support from women who are seeking answers just like you, guided by a caring, insightful coach like Michele.”

What participants are saying...

“I'm dating someone and we're incredibly compatible so far!

In our first week of knowing each other I think we've discussed most/all the important parts of our personalities and desires. I feel joyous, amazed and also really watching my apprehensions come up, moving carefully, but balancing out negative thoughts with positive ones. Both our hearts and communication are very open!

What's included in Date With Depth? 

Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns

"I really want coaching but it's often too expensive."

  • Group programs are the most affordable way to go! I am scaling the cost of coaching across a group of participants who will share the time energy and services. It’s a win-win for everyone! Flexible payment plans are also available. Just talk to me about it.

"So, is this group therapy?" 

  • No. This is an educational course with coaching. While I do have a Psychology Degree and Masters of Education, I am not a licensed mental health professional and I do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health services that would require a license. What I do is provide education and coaching services that often result in substantial learning and life transformation.

"I'm interested but I don't really like getting vulnerable in groups.​"

  • There is power in sharing our stories. For many women, their stories are locked and buried deep within them with few outlets to express. When you take a risk and share in a safe community you can be seen and heard and those are often the first steps toward healing. And of course I tell all women I work with that you have the choice to share as much or as little as you want. Just remember that having more skin in the game raises the stakes and the likelihood of high rewards and big transformation. Finally, if groups are not your thing there is also an option for a one-on-one private adaptation for this program. Please contact me for details. 

"I am working with a therapist already. Is it ok to take a course like this?​"

  • ABSOLUTELY! And... I would mention it to your therapist. Here are my thoughts. Working with both a therapist and a coach simultaneously can be a wonderful and complementary experience. In therapy, you get to look at every part of yourself that has shaped you into the person you are.  In coaching experiences like this, you'll get to look at who you are right now AND who you want to be.  Having both a therapist and coaching experiences like this can support each other as knowing how you came to be where you are will often help you become the person you want to be.

"What if I can't make a call?​"

  • DWD is designed for you to have a dramatic and lasting transformation! It's for women who are committed to doing whatever it takes to do the inner work to find exceptional love. Each call, assignment, exercise is included to ensure your success. I strongly encourage all participants to do what they can to attend all the calls to get the maximum benefit out of the course. With that being said, participants are permitted to miss one call. Missing more than one (outside an emergency) will result in you being dropped from the course with no refund. 

"Six weeks seems like a short amount of time to get all of this done. Can you promise me the relationship I want when this is all through?"

  • I wouldn’t be offering Date With Depth if I didn’t feel highly confident that I could help find exceptional love by working with your thoughts and clearing your emotional blockages. With that being said, your transformation ultimately depends on you to do the work here. That means showing up and engaging as much as you can with this stuff. Our classroom experiences and coaching are meant to deliver you the tools to get the continued outcomes you want without needing me after the program completes. So yes, I believe Date With Depth will lead you to the things you are looking for.


"I loved participating in Michele's program.


I'm really committed to creating amazing relationships and I know that can't happen with the examples I learned growing up. Michele is open, honest and present, creating a comfortable, loving space. The exercises she led were authentic and impactful. She allows me as a participant to experience the shift and education by asking the right questions instead of blinding lecturing. Michele is a lovely person and a fantastic relationship coach. I can't wait for my next program with her!"

Alysia L.

Executive Assistant at COUTURME

Are You Ready to Date With Depth?

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