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Where Do You Need the Most Support Right Now?

  • Getting off the apps and into the real world

  • Igniting your dating life

  • Feeling confident on a first date

  • Sharpening your dating "picker"

  • Meeting people you are compatible with

  • Healing from a breakup so you can date again

  • Finding a romantic longterm partner

  • Feeling connected in your relationship

  • Being treated like a Queen instead of a Doormat 

  • Feeling secure and confident in your partnership

  • Building trust in yourself

  • Cultivating vision, purpose and desire in your relationship

  • Transforming your partnership from flat to phenomenal 

Getting into Relationship With Yourself
  • Identifying your feelings

  • Advocating for your needs

  • Knowing and communicating your truth

  • Cleaning up your money stuff

  • Discovering your real passions

  • Setting boundaries with people in your life

  • Forgiving and letting go of the past

  • Moving forward in your life without fear 

  • Rekindling an amazing relationship with yourself

Sound like you? Let's chat! 

What Women Are Saying: Sofie

"Michele is a great coach, and with her ability to hold space and inspire, she brings out the most beautiful and authentic in the women around her."

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