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An Unforgettable Journey with 

Flower Essences

More than a mentorship or coaching program, this journey is for women who wish to use and work with flower essences to harness the power of nature to bloom into their truest, most radiant selves. 

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Herbal Oils
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What Are Flower Essences?

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Plants carry ancient teachings and wisdom and bring unique gifts and healing to the world. Flower essences are gentle yet potent herbal remedies that capture the energetic imprint of flowers. 


You take flower essences into your body through the mouth or skin. Flower essences contain no flavor, fragrance, or physical trace of the plants from which they came. Using the sun to harness the innate life force and vibrational frequencies of these blooming teachers, flower essences offer a unique, gentle and non-invasive approach to deep emotional healing.

Through intentional journeying with these liquid elixirs, you'll gently revitalize your mind, body, and spirit so you can embrace a life of balance, clarity, and alignment like never before.

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Allied Healing Apothecary offers an array of handmade flower essences for you to journey with on your own and if you're looking for some extra holding and support working with the flower remedies you can apply to work with me privately for 30 days inside EMBARK.

What's Included

Comprehensive Intake Form to Target Your Area of Growth and Healing

A Custom Flower Essence Blended with Specific Plant Allies to Support Your Areas of Growth and Healing

3 Private Sessions with Michele So You Feel Held and Guided on Your Journey

Comprehensive Integration Form to Anchor Your Experience

Apply to EMBARK
Which days are you available for a follow up call to discuss EMBARK?

Thank you for applying to EMBARK. I'll be in touch soon.💧🌸

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