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The Emotional Mastery Course

In the last two years we've lived through so much in our society.


Charged political and social climates, mass shootings, increasing murder tolls of minority lives, unmasked tantrums in public spaces and daily emotional assaults on each other on social media rooted in a difference of views. I look at our society and I see polarization, impulsive behavior, lack of consideration for context, dwindling ability to offer grace and patience to others and general decrease in regard for fellow human beings.


It’s a lot I know.

If you're a sensitive, aware and growth-oriented woman...

You probably already know path to healthy relationships starts by creating a healthy relationship with yourself.


But what you might not realize is that everything you do to grow yourself and improve your love life relies on one important thing and if you don't have this in place, you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels, repeating the same painful dating and relationship scenarios and no closer to the inner peace and stability you want.

At the root of this global and personal problem is emotional immaturity stemming from unresolved childhood wounding. Ona global level we need more emotionally mature people healing and resolving their traumas to aid in improving the collective health and safety of all people and....


to build a better world.

On a personal level, emotional immaturity is sabotaging our efforts to build healthy relationships and design lives that truly fulfill and light us up. Emotional immaturity is nothing to be ashamed of but it is something we must address.


In The Emotional Mastery Course we will be getting in and underneath emotional immaturity in its most obvious and subtle manifestations and learn the foundational skills and energetics to not only build healthy relationships and find inner peace but to build a better world.

Will you join us?

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