Girl, I know....
I feel you...

"He's friends with all his exes on Facebook."

Learning to turn your pain into power is a REQUIRED SKILL for any woman wanting a happy and fulfilled life.

I'm so pleased you made it this far down the page!

Now, Iʼd like to offer you a Mindset Healing Session. This is a FREE 60 minute coaching session where together we'll:

  • Get to know know each other

  • Discover the top 5 things holding you back from your healing and resolving your issues

  • Identify #1 thing you need to heal from the inside out and resolve your issues

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

"I'm becoming someone I think my life partner will love and...

I love myself too."

"We're finally building a life together that neither one of us could have ever dreamed of!"

"I feel like I know where I'm going in life and no longer NEED a life partner to feel complete."

"I'm learning to shift my own "stuff" forgive and let go of grudges, some I didn't even know I had."


"I've gained more clarity about the gifts in my life, accepted my circumstances, and will keep dreaming some big AF dreams."

"Hell yeah, I'M WORTH IT!"

Could she be you?

What Women Are Saying: Denise

“Your unique strengths are to see through the story to the deeper thing beneath and to call it out in a way that cuts through my excuses and empowers me. What I love about your coaching is that I feel seen and electrified by your love and sight.”

One last thing...

These calls are for women who are serious and ready for healing and transformation. If you think you are ready ask yourself these 4 questions before booking your call:

1. Do I really want to make a change in my life right now?

2. Can I find a quiet place for my session?

3. Can I show up on time for my session?

4. Am I committed to my healing, growth and fulfillment?

Still a YES? Let's chat!

What Women Are Saying: Stephanie

"Michele creates a safe, loving space for your deepest truth and brilliance to come out."

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