How a Find Your Person Breakthrough Session Works

Step One

Book your FREE Find Your Person Breakthrough Session by clicking the "Book My Session"  button below. Pick the best date and time for your session with me.

Step Two

We will confirm your session through email or by phone. We can do our session by phone, video conference or in person. During our session I will get to know you, discover what is holding you back from in your love life and the #1 thing you need to have a breakthrough and find your person. I'll offer you reflections, perspective and a clear next step to move forward with. 

Step Three

If you are interested in working with me and beginning your journey of finding strong and sustainable relationship, I’ll tell you the exact steps for making that happen. If you decide working with me is not what you are looking for or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. 

Looking for support in your relationship? Book an Exploratory Session with me.

"Michele's skilled one-on-one and group coaching had a lasting, transformative effect on me!


With my focus on improving self-care and building intimate relationships, Michele helped me detect the pertinent issues at hand and asked me investigative questions that helped me see my situation more clearly. Throughout the coaching, Michele reflected back to me my positive, unique abilities and gave me encouragement and gentle pushes where needed.

She created a safe space and encouraged me to dream: to let loose and freely express my visions and desires around dating and relationships.


With Michele's guidance, I've learned how to better nurture and fortify myself with an inner strength and positive self-regard, which has consequently allowed me to see my present circumstances in a more grounded, centered and optimistic light.

Thank you, Michele!

Theda H.

Early Childhood Educator

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