more about me

  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wesleyan University

  • I have a Masters of Science in Education from Wheelock College

  • Coaching is not a regulated field however I've attend a year long coach training program and completed two advanced level coaching programs. I am a certified coach with 6 years of 1:1 and group coaching experience. I specialize in women's issues like dating and relationships, identity, intimacy, emotional growth and healing, working with desire, authentic communication and finding your purpose

  • I have 6+ years experience inside the 12-Step Tradition and have an extensive background on addiction recovery

  • I am trained to facilitate Authentic Relating Games (group connection and communication games) by Authentic Revolution

  • I have a 15 year career teaching in public elementary schools that I just "retired" from

  • I founded a San Francisco based monthly women's group called The Women's Wake Up Club which has been  transitioned to a podcast!


  • I love listening to and sharing music with friends

  • I was a DJ while living in New York City 

  • I love dogs and cats equally

  • I'm looking to manifest a small dog and fuel efficient car in 2021 

  • I love cooking without a recipe 

  • I've gone ice fishing on Lake Michigan

  • I haven't had a drink or drug in over 5 years

  • I'm a Generator in Human Design and a Type 6 on the Enneagram

  • I've been in a committed relationship for over three years 

  • I met my current partner while playing Authentic Relating Games 

  • I have a passion for photography

  • My superpower is physically and energetically cleaning spaces

My work is for you if...

  1. You're single and you're dating life is stressing you out

  2. You're in a partnership that's having challenges 

  3. You've been broken up or divorced for some time and think you might be ready to fall in love again (but do it in a healthy way this time)

  4. You're becoming aware of your relationship patterns and want to break free of them

  5. No matter how much your partner reassures you you never feel like you're loved and appreciated enough

  6. You feel like you're spinning your wheels inside your love life and wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?”

  7. You feel confident and empowered in most areas of your life except love and relationship

  8. You have become jaded and untrusting about love and relationships and deep down you want to change that

  9. You feel like you do EVERYTHING right in the beginning but it always ends the same way - they disappear, they want to keep it casual or they meet someone else

  10. You're tired of attracting and falling for inappropriate people

  11. You want to heal and find yourself

My work and coaching are NOT for you if...

  1. You're NON COMMITTAL and UNWILLING to take action to achieve the outcome you desire

  2. You're CLOSED OFF to new ideas that could help you get the things you want

  3. You BLAME life on external factors (people, places and circumstances) and operate primarily from a "victim consciousness" believing everything happens to you rather than for you

  4. You have painful UNPROCESSED TRAUMA from a recent event or childhood that would be best addressed with a mental health or medical professional

  5. You have a NEGATIVE MINDSET about growth, love and relationships and are just fine with that

  6. You LACK AN ABILITY TO GET HONEST and look at your own contribution to your struggle and/or harmful things you've done

  7. You DON’T BELIEVE the love and life you want is possible for you

  8. You want a place to VENT and let out all your pain and anger


The School of Embodied Womanhood is the Women Can Heal method of recovery (returning to wholeness) and my structure of mentorship for women.


This body of work will help you:

(1) develop facility with your emotions

(2) integrate what is unresolved from the past and reclaim your inner peace

(3) (re)build intimate relationships from the ground up and use them for healing, growth and full self-expression


Engaging with this curriculum will transform you into an Embodied Woman.


"The Embodied Woman" lives in her true purpose. She embodies an emotionally mature consciousness and continuously brings the benefits of tending to her own needs in her interactions and relationships with others. This generates power and creates freedom in her life.

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The Experience of Emotional Recovery


Step One: Orientation

  • Readiness to feel better and make a change after a period of challenge

  • Willingness to explore what lies beyond the struggle

  • Grounding in a Vision of who you want to be at the completion of this journey


Step Two: Awaken

  • Seeing clearly the immature beliefs and habits that you struggle with

  • Seeing clearly the the mature beliefs and habits you will step into

  • Allowing space for loss of those things that hinder the development of healthy love for yourself and others


Step Three: Awareness

  • Understanding the link between your past and your present

  • Examining the impact your early childhood experiences are having on your intimate relationships

  • Dissolving and separating from old patterns, habits and thinking that no longer serve you


Step Four: Attunement

  • Connecting to your emotional world through inner family system (inner child, inner teenager, critical parent and Embodied Woman (Loving Parent)

  • Exploring emotional needs and learning to get them met

  • Redefining who you are in relationship to your inner family


Step Five: Begin Anew

  • Learning the components and language emotionally mature relationships

  • Actively working with your emotionally immature thoughts so you can shift disempowering emotions, actions and habits and ultimately build a stronger emotionally mature character

  • Creating new patterns that will support the development of healthy love for yourself and others


Step Six: Commitment

  • Carrying all the work you’ve done into the real world by taking acton as an Embodied Woman

  • Laying the foundation and setting up the scaffolding for continued emotional growth and life fulfillment

  • Committing fully to the expression of your Truth

Please Note: The Embodied Womanhood curriculum is not linear can be delivered through various digital, LIVE, group and private offerings ranging from $27-$18,000. Please click the buttons below to learn more.