More About Me

My Experience


  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wesleyan University

  • I have a Masters of Science in Education from Wheelock College

  • I am trained to facilitate Authentic Relating Games (group connection and communication games) by Authentic Revolution

  • I am a certified coach with 6 years of coaching experience. I specialize in women's issues like dating and relationships, identity, intimacy, emotional healing, working with desire, authentic communication and finding your purpose

  • I completed a year long business mentorship with Marisa Murgatroyd founder of  Live Your Message

  • I've trained with Dave Burns executive business coach and founder of Sacred Business

  • I'm currently training in a year long mastermind called WEALTH with Dr. Carolyn Elliot, author of Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power

  • I have a 14 year (and counting!) career teaching in public elementary schools

  • I facilitate a San Francisco based monthly women's circle called The Women's Wake Up Club


Random Fun Facts


  • I love listening to and sharing music with friends

  • I was a DJ while living in New York City 

  • I love dogs and cats equally

  • I'm looking to manifest a small dog and fuel efficient car in 2020 

  • I'm vegan and love cooking without a recipe 

  • I've gone ice fishing on Lake Michigan

  • I haven't had a drink or drug in over 3 years

  • I'm a Generator in Human Design and a Type 6 on the Enneagram

  • I've been in a committed relationship for over three years 

  • I met my current partner while playing Authentic Relating Games 

  • I have a passion for photography

  • My superpower is physically and energetically cleaning spaces

Who I Work With

My courses and coaching are for you if...

  1. You're single and you're dating life is stressing you out

  2. You're in a partnership that is having challenges 

  3. You have been broken up or divorced for some time and think you might be ready to fall in love again

  4. You're becoming aware of your relationship patterns and want to break free of them 

  5. You seem to have it all but the one thing missing is someone to share it with.

  6. No matter how much your partner reassures you he loves you, you never feel like you are loved enough

  7. You feel like you're spinning your wheels inside your love life and wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?”

  8. You feel confident and empowered in most areas of your life expect love and relationship

  9. You think you're a catch but you, your friends and family are baffled by why you are still single

  10. You have become jaded and untrusting about love and relationships and deep down you want to change that

  11. You feel like you do EVERYTHING right in the beginning but it always ends the same way - they disappear, they want to keep it casual or they meet someone else

  12. You're tired of attracting and falling for inappropriate people

What Sets Women Can Heal Apart

When it comes to finding love and creating fulfilling relationships there is a lot of "help" out there. There are innumerable books, articles, blogs, workshops and programs that can show you step by step how to date and think like a man, how to be a mysterious and elusive to draw in a man or how to act reserved and lady like so that you don’t scare him away or rock the boat.


Unfortunately when it comes to dating and relationships women can be tempted to take the bait and the risk with this kind of strategy is that you are being taught to be less of yourself upfront rather than addressing the underlying issues keeping you with your challenges or in your patterns.


In the end, if you're searching for an intimate partner or longing for a deeper soul connection in your relationship, you become someone you're not and hope that being this version of yourself will help get what you want. When it doesn’t happen this can lead to disappointment, frustration, regret, low self-esteem and wondering if there is something wrong with you. 

What sets my courses and coaching apart is that I don't use any rules, gimmicks or tricks to help you find a relationship or improve it. What I do is I help you lovingly face the underlying causes and conditions for your current situation.


Think of Women Can Heal as an alternative to therapy and I'm your emotional coach. I take you below the surface and I help you uncover and address the core issues that have made you unsuccessful in your love life in my three part process. 


How I Work

Here's my three step approach:

1. First we focus on clearing out all that is in the way of you finding or experiencing the love you want. You’ll identify your fears, dismantle your limiting beliefs, uncover losses and lessons in your dating and relationship history and finally release and let go of the past. 

2. Next I educate you and teach you how to date or be in a relationship without compromising your values and worth. You'll know exactly what you are looking for as you connect on and offline so you never again have to settle for less. You'll discover your true boundaries, standards, desires and needs in relationship. You'll learn the difference between preferences and values so you can know when you’ve found true compatibility and the real thing you are looking for. Finally you'll learn powerful communication skills to use in your love life so you can become fully self-expressed and your biggest advocate.


3. Finally you'll integrate it all. Here you will get to carry all the work you’ve done into the real world of dating and relationships and take action. You will get to practice what you've learned and get continued coaching and support on your journey. I help you with troubleshooting any situations, feelings and questions that come up as you are out there living your life. For, example: how do you hold onto your integrity when the guy you really likes tells you he likes you too but doesn’t want anything serious? How do you ask for what you need from your partner?


If you are single, by the end of our work together you'll have either found your person or be well on your way as dating will feel fun and be a new way to discover and love yourself deeply.​ If you are in a relationship you'll be shocked at how different you and your relationship feels. The amazing thing about both of these scenarios is that the only thing that needed to transform was you.

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