Are you feeling out of balance and looking for tools to come back to yourself?

Helping sensitive and proactive women ride the waves of this challenging time instead of struggle beneath them

Hi! I'm Michele and there's something I want to talk to you about.

I'm glad you landed here over to this part of my website because while I specialize in helping women find and improve romantic relationships there's something really important happening right now that needs attention too.


The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted, shifted and confronted the world and it's been more than stressful for people. I know this might sound obvious but you'd be surprised how many are quietly letting their emotional and mental health suffer in silence while in quarantine. Fear about you or a loved one contracting the virus and anxiety about all the unknown can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions and unhealthy habits in us.

This kind of stress might be new for you or you might be like me and have a history of challenges with mental and emotional health when times are stressful. 

I grew up in a small town on the East Coast. My childhood was great in many ways and difficult in others and when I turned 17, I began to experience anxiety. I had trouble sleeping. I became chronically constipated. I had random heart palpitations. I had constant butterflies in my stomach. I had uncomfortable thoughts and fears I couldn't get out of my head. To cope I sought out things to distract myself from discomfort like food, TV and high-achievement in my studies.


Out on a social distancing walk in my neighborhood. #thenewnormal 

(March 2020)

When I went off to college I was young and emotionally immature. Alcohol, my social life and achievement in my studies became my quick fix for my persistent anxiety and I used these "coping skills" for the next 15 years. Over the years I got really good at making things look good on the outside while feeling really stressed and out of control on the inside.

Thankfully I reached a breaking point that forced me to get the help I needed. I have spent years working on myself and seeking out the mental, emotional and physical healing I needed to come back into balance. It hasn't been quick and easy work but the rewards of this work is showing up today.


I can say with confidence that I am staying more conscious and healthy during these scary and uncertain times than I could have imagined 15 years ago. Here's the deal:

Learning to effectively cope with stress and manage your difficult emotions during the pandemic will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger once we all make it through this challenging time.

I have created a new set of resources, products and services for this unexpected and historical event. They are designed to help sensitive and proactive women like yourself ride the waves of these challenging times instead of struggle underneath them. Think practical self-care tips, personal growth and emotional healing.


We are in this together,


Founder of Women Can Heal