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Women and Plants hold ancient wisdom and teachings. Combine the two and remarkable things can happen.

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What is PORTAL?

PORTAL is an in-person monthly women's group and flower essence journey circle. PORTAL is led by Michele Wellington who is a Flower Essence Therapist in Training. PORTAL combines community, journey, self-discovery and vibrational threshold experiences all in service to you and your emotional integration work.  


Opportunity to connect, share and immerse yourself in the company of like-minded women.


A quiet space to explore yourself, the featured plant and the monthly emotional growth themes.  


An intentional slowing down + tuning in

to self and the featured flower essence of the evening.


Time to process your journey and clarify the wisdom arising in the group and from the plants.

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In December we'll be journeying with White Yarrow via Michele's handcrafted flower essence called PROTECTED.


Themes we'll be exploring are boundaries of all kinds, compassionate awareness of self and others and sealing up energy leaks.  White Yarrow is a powerful ally for highly sensitive folks, empaths and those in helping professions.

Included in PORTAL

Organic herbal tea

0.5 oz bottle of handcrafted flower essence

Plant Ally Oracle Card

Meet Your Guide

When women and plants come together remarkable things can happen.


In my nine years facilitating in-person and virtual women's groups, I've seen time and time again a change happen in individuals who are given the space for intimacy with others and intimacy with self.


PORTAL is an opportunity to have the above and include intimacy with plants. Over the last year I’ve been working deeply with plants in the form of Flower Essences. With a painful break up of a longterm partnership and simultaneous health crisis, I turned to these plant allies when I felt like I had nothing else to turn to due to sheer emotional exhaustion. I intentionally journeyed with these plants and gratefully received the lessons and subtle medicine they uniquely hold. 


PORTAL is an invitation for you to enter the realm of the subtle to explore some deeper aspects of your healing + integration work and meet yourself on the other side.

Hi! I'm Michele the creator of PORTAL.

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Praise for Michele's In-Person
Women's Groups


"This is for...

anyone who believes connecting deeply and authentically with other women will help everyone on their growth and consciousness paths.".



  • Does this course require special knowledge or experience?
    This course requires no specific knowledge or experience to take. The best thing you can do to prepare is to bring an open mind and willingness to grow.
  • Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?
    Yes and no. While this program is designed to be completed over six week (one session per week) it is not a requirement. Once you register for the program you’ll have lifetime access to the Emotional Mastery material so you are free to design your own schedule and go at your own pace if you so choose. All of the videos, digital workbooks and bonuses are yours to keep forever so please take as long as you like to work through the material if you want to.
  • So, is this course like therapy?
    No. This is an educational course. While I do have a Psychology Degree and Masters of Education, I am not a licensed mental health professional and I do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health services that would require a license. What I provide in this course is education, training and access to coaching and Q&A videos about dating, relationships, healing and personal growth that all have the potential for substantial learning and life transformation.
  • I am working with a therapist already. Is it ok to take a course like this?​
    ABSOLUTELY! And… I would mention it to your therapist. Here are my thoughts. Working with both a therapist and taking a transformational course like this can be a wonderful and complementary experience. In therapy, you get to look at every part of yourself that has shaped you into the person you are. With an online course like Date With Depth, created by a certified coach, you’ll get to look at who you are right now AND who you want to be. Having both a therapist and course like this can support each other as knowing how you came to be where you are will often help you become the person you want to be.
  • Is this course LGBTQ friendly and inclusive of diverse relationship models?
    Sure is! As the guide for this program, I’m in a heterosexual coupleship and use personal stories to teach the content inside Date With Depth. The course is not gender specific or oriented toward any specific sexual orientation. I welcome any feedback that will help make this program more inclusive as you go through the program.
  • What if I need more support? Is this program available with coaching?
    Yes! Inside the course portal I share more information about how to get private coaching support while taking this course.
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