How We Heal in Partnership

We can get hurt in relationships but we can also heal in relationships.


Here are some ways we heal:

  • Using conflict to spot, inform and correct your own limiting behavior and patterns

  • Showing up 100% authentic when in the past you held your authentic self back due to fear

  • Using your relationship to fully explore your shadow parts bringing them from the unconscious to the conscious

  • Tapping into your true desire in relationship when in the past you abandoned what you really wanted

  • Moving from anxious, avoidant or disorganized attachment to more consistently securely attached

  • Using your voice when in the past you stayed silent

  • Identifying, setting and holding boundaries where boundaries were weak or non-existent

  • Using your relationships to expand your capacity to RECEIVE love where you were contracted in the past

  • Using your relationships to expand your capacity to GIVE love where you withheld in the past

What are some ways you have healed or want to heal inside relationships?

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