If you're like any of my clients you've... 

read the self-help books, spent hours analyzing your dating life and soliciting advice from your close friends, downloaded the free eBooks, attended the webinars, watched a million YouTube videos, googled about love & dating and maybe even worked with a therapist or life coach.


But at the end of the day, after all this extra "help" you're:

  • More confused than before about dating & relationships

  • Starting to worry you might not find someone in time

  • Starting to worry if you're in the right relationship

  • More terrified of ending up alone with each passing year

  • Secretly wondering if there's something wrong with you


​Look, I totally get it. You've worked so hard to create a life you love. You're tired of trying to figure out this dating and relationship thing on your own. You've even had the thought of giving up on finding your person or creating the relationship you really want because the life you have could be good enough for you.


But deep down you know that's not really what you want.


You want to find that special someone you can build a life with. You want to be with someone you can support and who will support you. You want your best friend and partner in life. You want big and deep love. You want someone who at the end of the day you connect with on a soul level. Because even if you don't fully understand it yet, you know this person and relationship would give your life enhanced meaning. 


I totally understand and I see you.

As close as you've gotten to throwing in the towel, the truth is, your person IS out there the the relationship you seek is possible. 


But, here'e the thing: We have some changes to make because what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working.

Listen, it’s not your fault love.

You’ve genuinely been doing the best you can with the hand you were dealt but in this next phase (if you're ready) it's time to play with a new deck and get the results you want.

Keep reading to learn about my private programs for women who are serious about doing the inner work to grow themselves massively and find and create the relationship of their dreams.

Your time is valuable, so let’s make the best use of it. This starter package is designed be exploratory and supportive and give you the opportunity to experience the value of coaching and decide if you want to sign on for longer more extensive coaching.


In this one month starter program:​​

  • Receive coaching support and guidance for your most immediate need so you can gain a fresh perspective, information and strategy and be empowered to create options to move forward. 

  • Get clear on what you really want in life. Discover what matters most to you, what your values are and what you are willing to negotiate as you navigate your life.  

  • Create structure and boundaries for yourself that protect what matters most to you allow space for you to keep creating a life that’s in alignment with your most important values, passions, and dreams.


An illuminating, transformational, high-support 1:1 coaching program designed for women who struggle with repeating the same unwanted patterns in love and helps them break those patterns once and for all.

In this coaching program:


  • Uncover your patterns of love and finally understand the deeper truth underneath your dating and relationship struggles so you put your self-sabotaging behaviors to rest once and for all.

  • Discover your blocks to love in past relationships, process any leftover grief and implement tools to remove those blocks so you can find and create new and better relationships.

  • Get in full alignment with a new and authentic way of being in your relationships.

  • Execute an effective dating and relationship strategy so you can show up confidently and easily determine the healthiest people to engage with.

What TRANSFORM Graduates Are Saying...

"I needed to course correct after a toxic relationship...."

Press Play to Hear Julie's Reflections
Press Play to Hear Julie's Transformation

"My relationships were short-lived and unfulfilling..."

Press Play to hear Theda's Transformation
Press Play to Hear About Theda's Results

In this coaching program:

  • Examine your life story, understand your influences and let go of what is no longer serving you so that you unleash your power to create a life and relationship that lights you up, inspires you and brings out the very best of who you are.

  • Discover your true passions, interests, talents, skills and gifts so that you feel empowered, confident and worthy of anyone who gets the chance to be with you. 

  • Clear out any limiting beliefs holding you back from being authentically YOU and so that you live in integrity with your higher purpose and who you came here to be.

  • Root into a powerful vision and life purpose so that you align your love life with the future you’re committed to creating.

An intimate, high-support 1:1 coaching program designed to help single and partnered women who struggle with self-confidence and direction in life understand their history and clarify their life purpose and in the process raise her self-esteem and make her ready for and fully available to the relationship of her dreams.


As a private client you will receive:


  • Private coaching (3 sessions per month)

  • Customized experiential assignments after each coaching session to maximize your progress between sessions

Bonuses for TRANSFORM and WORTH clients


  • Digital or Physical Workbook to guide you through the content of the coaching program, help you dig deeper and give you the opportunity to apply your coaching work  between sessions​ 

  • Voxer support (voice messaging & text) for digestion and integration between sessions

  • Access to my private client portal (for the duration of your coaching program) with all of my digital tools, helpful resources and recorded masterclasses and trainings

  • Complimentary entry into all of my group programs (for the duration of your coaching program) to help you embody this work even more and connect with like-minded women on the same path

What Private Clients Are Saying...

"I started working with Michele, primarily on issues relating to relationships...

Michele has a grounding presence and made me feel like I was with a trusted friend. At the same time, she’s very skilled at leading me straight to the issues at hand, then helping me navigate through them to create direction and next steps.


Michele has an amazing ability to sort through my jumbled thoughts to clarify what my true desires are and guide me to prioritize them into reachable goals. I have no hesitation in being completely honest with her.  When I am, she is always kind, supportive and patient, yet also firmly reflective, pushing me past my distractions. 


I always look forward to our sessions because I know, with each session, I am one step closer to manifesting desires that I often feel are unreachable. Best of all, she reminds me each session to be loving to myself, to remember the strengths I already have, and to envision all the possibilities.


I am truly grateful."



 Art Therapist

San Jose, CA

What Private Clients Are Saying...

"Michele's coaching has been a powerful catalyst for metamorphosis...

I was struggling with a negative power dynamic that brought up a lot of anxiety. Michele helped me understand the underlying patterns and beliefs leading to my response. She provided powerful tools and exercises to help me reframe and respond in a way that helped me regain equilibrium and disconnect from negative though patterns.

We also worked together on self-love and body acceptance – an issue that I know everyone struggles with. While I have done a lot of work on these topics the last few years, I haven’t worn shorts in nearly 25 years because of a large scar on my leg. Michele helped me uncover the underlying emotions behind my fears so I could reclaim love for my whole self.

Michele creates a space for vulnerability and she has the powerful ability to see beyond your words and help you find deeper truth. She draws on her extensive experience to bring frameworks and exercises to take your growth beyond the coaching session and into the real world."  



 Amazon Web Services

 San Francisco, CA

What Private Clients Are Saying...

"Random reflections on this journey I'm on...

You have been my emotional coach through it. People have athletic coaches, executive coaches, behavioral coaches, public speaking coaches, but you’ve been my emotional coach, which is so wide reaching because emotions touch everything in life.


And I think one of the most beautiful aspects of your coaching is that most of the time I don’t even realize I’m being coached, but then I think back and I’m like wow, that was really wonderful coaching."


Artist, Brand Manager

San Francisco, CA

What Private Clients Are Saying...

"I would absolutely recommend Michele.


She is an incredibly balanced coach and is exceedingly compassionate. She challenged me to look at my situation and feelings in very different ways. It wasn’t just a conversation, it was active. I definitely gained a different view on aspects of my situations and the feelings I was and currently am struggling with. I also found myself directing more energy inward in a renewed effort to take care of myself."


Executive Assistant at LinkedIn

Oakland, CA

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