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The Emotional Growth Bundle

The Emotional Growth Bundle

Emotional Growth and Maturity...


are hot topics in the personal growth world.


It's becoming more and more well known that real life fulfillment takes a certain level of self-awareness and facility with your own emotions. 


That's why I created the Emotional Growth Bundle. It's a collection of resources to get you started... or support you along your journey toward increased emotional growth, embodiment and life fulfillment.


Here's What You'll Receive in the Bundle...

(click the links in the titles for more details)


(1) Emotional Embodiment Prerequisites (55 mins pre-recorded class)

Emotional growth and emotional healing are not linear and there is no set rulebook. We are are unique and need different things. But through my own emotional growth journey and supporting women through theirs, I've created a short list of 5 basic skills I think people need (and I've needed) to lay the foundation for their emotional growth and embodiment.


What We'll Cover In This Class:

  • A simple and clear definition of emotional embodiment
  • Why it's important to start with the basics
  • The components of emotional maturity
  • The 5 prerequisites to emotional embodiment


What's Included:

  • The Emotional Embodiment Prerequisites video class (Lifetime Access)
  • Digital workbook to guide you through the class


(2) The Emotional Inventory Class (2 hour pre-recorded class)

A workshop that teaches you how to work with your emotions by using several writing practices called emotional inventories. 


What's included:

  • 5 video lessons (Lifetime access)
  • A digtal workbook to guide you through the training


(3) The Emotional Growth Scripts Bundle


Empowered Dating Scripts

Let's be honest. Dating can be super awkward. Have you ever been stumped by what to say in certain dating situations? Interested in someone but not ready to kiss yet? Not feeling a spark and wanting to be direct and kind? With Empowered Dating Scripts, you’ll always have an example of an empowered response for your most pressing online and offline dating scenarios.


What's Included:

A PDF of 30+ "scripts" AKA the exact words to say for 12 unique dating situations that can be tough to navigate.


Conscious Relationship Scripts

Relationship is one of the highest emotional growth practices there is. Do you struggle to assert yourself in your relationships? Do you worry voicing your opinion in your relationship may lead to more conflict? Do you have a heard time listening in your partnership? In Conscious Relationship Scripts, you’ll receive the language you need to express yourself consciously not only in your romantic life but across the board in your day to day life.


What's Included:

A PDF of 60+ "scripts" AKA the sentence starters you need to bring more kindness, receptivity and assertiveness to you relationship communications.


Diffusing Defenses

Defensiveness can get a bad rep in the world of conscious/healthy relating and intimacy but when we try to better understand this behavior we'll see its roots are very tender and there is a simple (but not always easy) reframe to redirect our defensiveness.


What's Included:

  • A PDF of 20 "scripts" AKA the exact words to say so you can have an emotionally mature response when confronted by a trigger


(5) Emotional Embodiment Journeys (5 Guided Meditations)

Difficult emotions can be like a fire inside we don't want to let get out of control. So we can reach for things outside of ourselves to keep them under control. The thing is, after the busy work shift, at the bottom of the glass, when your date goes home, or when the credits start rolling on that TV show, the emotions you’ve pushed away inevitably bubble back to the surface and into your awareness. But, what if we allowed for emotional stillness? What if we let the difficult emotions be felt slowly and safely? It's common to be more afraid of what you might feel, then the actual feelings that await you on the other side of emotional stillness. Every difficult emotion has a gift waiting for you inside it if you give yourself the time and space to locate it.


In this meditation bundle, you'll be guided to:

  • relax into your body
  • sit with your emotions
  • explore the true source of your emotions
  • meet them with curiosity and self-compassion
  • discover the gifts waiting for you inside these difficult emotions


What's Included:

  • 5 guided meditations with music
  • 5 guided meditation without music


Don't want a bundle? Each of these is available separately inside the digital shop.


NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds.