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Emotional Growth Essentials

Emotional Growth Essentials

If you're faithful to your practices your practices will be faithful to you.


A "practice" is anything you commit to doing daily that helps you


(1) stay emotionally clear and regulated

(2) hear the voice of your inner being

(3) inhabit yourself more fully

(4) express your authentic self out into the world

When I work clients I encourage them to engage in emotional embodiment practices of their choosing because I've seen over and over again how practices help us remain steady during the process of change and transformation.

Emotional embodiment practices are what keep you anchored when the ride of life gets bumpy.

Life events like...

  • Sudden breakups
  • Relationship troubles
  • Losing a loved one
  • Getting laid off/fired
  • A pandemic
  • Charged political and civil climates

The benefits of a regular emotional embodiment practice can be understood through the idea of driving a car everyday without your seatbelt.


One day you notice you are about to get into a wreck and you scramble to put your seatbelt on before you slam into the car in front of you.


That's what it's like when you don't have consistent emotional embodiment practices and meet unexpected life challenges.

Emotional embodiment practices ARE the seatbelt while you are driving around ready to hold you down and support you before, during and after the wreck.

The key is being consistent with your practices.

If you're faithful to your emotional embodiment practices your emotional embodiment practices will be faithful to you.


Emotional Growth Essentials: Design Your Emotional Embodiment Practice


How To Know If This Workshop Is For You?


  ✔️You feel stressed about your life

  ✔️You have a tendency to avoid your emotions

  ✔️You tend to keep things surface level and rarely reveal vulnerably 

  ✔️You'd like help managing big emotions

  ✔️You want greater facility with your emotions

 ✔️You're looking for something that'll support your emotional development


What's Included In The Workshop:

  • Emotional Embodiment Prerequisites: 5 Necessary Skills for Emotional Embodiment (BONUS preliminary class)
  • 5 Recorded Sessions​
  • A Digital Workbook to guide you through the trainings


What We'll Cover In the Workshop


Session 0: Welcome & Overveiw


Session 1: Embodiment​​

Emotional management and development begins in the body. In this session learn what it really means to be embodied along with practices to strengthen your connection to and journey back to the body.


Session 2: Centering

Life is busy and can speed up to a point where we disconnect from ourselves and our emotions. There is so much power in the pause and reconnecting to ourselves. In this session learn to use centering and stillness as emotional embodiment practice to stay emotionally grounded and in alignment.


Session 3: Intention

If starting your day is frequently difficult use this practice to begin your day with a clear head and an open heart. If getting into bed feels like crossing the finish line after a half-marathon use this practice to close the day, ground and ease into a restful sleep.

Session 4: Energy Accounting

If you're consistently feeling drained and wrung out use this practice to locate and account for the exact places you're using your energy so you can take responsibility and account for it and make adjustments to resource yourself as needed if you've become emotionally depleted.


Session 5: Design Your Emotional Embodiment Practice

In this final session we bring it all together. I'll share some best practices with you and talk about my personal emotional embodiment practice.


A Word From Michele...


"I always felt things bigger and deeper than most. I've been called too sensitive, intense and too emotional. I know what it's like to feel a lot and not have good ways to manage myself emotionally. To be overwhelmed each time a strong emotion hits and incapable of handling certain situations. When I realized it was my responsibility to create a strategy and design support systems for myself I began walking through life in the best possible way I could. I took time to explore the best emotional embodiment practices for me to do on a regular basis and designed a support system to allow me to face life with grace and resources. Emotional Growth Essentials is my distillation of the best emotional embodiment practices out there so you can design a practice that works for you. I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought about the worshop!"


This workshop is included in The Foundations program.


NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds.

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