The Ultimate Guide to Unhealthy Patterns of Love for Women


Unhealthy patterns of love can make it extremely difficult to establish an intimate relationship with others and most importantly yourself.


Unhealthy patterns of love can take many forms and believe it or not movies and television have normalized this to such a degree that it's become entertainment for us.


Think "Hannah" (Lena Dunham) from Girls, "Issa Dee" (Issa Rae) from Insecure and of course "Carrie" (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex and the City.


In this guide you'll:


  • Receive a comprehensive list of nine unhealthy patterns of love
  • Understand how each unhealthy pattern manifests in your life
  • Learn a three step approach to breaking each unhealthy pattern of love
  • Receive a list of resources to continue your learning, healing and transformation if unhealthy patterns of love is a problem for you

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