The Women Can Heal Self-Care Toolkit

The Women Can Heal Self-Care Toolkit


Each of us reacts to stress differently and we each develop our own unique stress fighting strategies. Some of these are helpful in relieving stress longterm and some of these give us temporary relief only to bring the stress back with a vengeance.

We are in unprecedented times and the future is unknown. This alone is stressful and coupled with a disrupted routine and forced isolation unhealthy stress fighting strategies can be difficult to avoid.

Some might include:
-Overconsumption of caffeine
-Compulsive spending
-Over or under eating
-Poor sleeping habits
-Sedentary lifestyle
-Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
-Social Withdrawal

What all these unhealthy stress fighting strategies have in common is that, over time, they bring you further away from yourself.

Learning to cope with stress in healthy ways, especially during the pandemic has the power to help you:
- Disrupt habits that negatively affect you
- Decrease your levels of fear, impatience, irritability and anger
- Improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
- Enhance memory and focus
- Give you more energy in daytime and restful sleep at night
- Allow you greater access to your intuition
- Create a sense of internal safety and stability within yourself

The Women Can Heal Self-Care Toolkit is your answer to managing your stress and finding your way back to yourself one self-care practice at a time. In this toolkit you will receive my favorite stress fighting and emotional management tools that you can use over and over again to get you back into balance when you feel like you've lost it.

Here's what you'll get

Starting Your Day With Intention
* If starting your day is not pleasurable right now use this tool to begin your day with a clear head and an open heart.

Accounting of Your Energy
* Feeling drained and wrung out? Use this tool to find out where and how you are using your energy.

Needs-To-Self Care Action Inventory
* One of the most challenging things about taking care of ourselves is knowing our needs and matching it to the right actions. Use this tool to do just that.

Clearing of Fear Inventory
* A powerful writing meditation that helps you work with fear or worry of any size or magnitude.

Essential Forgiveness: Letting Go of Upset
* Another powerful writing meditation that will help you work through upset, anger and frustration

Aligned Action Scheduling
* The biggest thing that I hear from people is the reason why they can’t improve their own well-being or meet their needs is “I don’t have enough time.” Use this tool to make that time.

Ending Your Day With Intention
* Does getting into bed feel like crossing the finish line after a half-marathon? Use this tool to close the day, ground and ease into a restful sleep


This toolkit is for women who want to be proactive with their wellness and want structure for their self-care practices and tools to stay in balance while we collectively ride the waves of these uncertain times.

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