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Emotional Embodiment Foundations

Emotional Embodiment Foundations

Discover practical wisdom and apply research based interventions to build your emotional resilience and strengthen your foundation


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Here's what you'll receive in the Foundatons Program...


(1) The Prerequisite Class


Emotional Embodiment Prerequisites: 5 Necessary Skills to Begin Your Emotional Embodiment Journey (55 min pre-recorded class)


(2) Foundational Core Workshops


Emotional Growth Tools: Create a Personalized Emotional Safety Plan for Triggers and High Stress Situations (3.5 hours+ pre-recorded workshop)


Part 1: The Science of Stress

Part 2: Triggers & The Body (The Nervous System)

Part 3: Triggers & The Mind (The Drama Triangle)

Part 4: Triggers & The Heart (Inner Parts Work)

Part 5: Create Your Emotional Safety Plan


Emotional Growth Essentials: Design Your Emotional Embodiment Practice (2 hours pre-recorded workshop)


Part 1: Embodiment

Part 2: Centering

Part 3: Intention

Part 4: Accounting

Part 5: Design Your Emotonal Embodiment Practice


Emotional Inventory: Uncover the Emotional Freedom & Personal Power to Direct Your Life (2 hours pre-recorded workshop)


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Fear Inventory

Part 3: Desire Inventory

Part 4: Gratitude Inventory

Part 5: Need-to-Self-Care Inventory

(3) Supplemental Resources


Create the Perfect Nervous System Care Kit: Be Proactive with Your Self-Care and Emotional Wellbeing (90 min pre-recorded class)


The Art of Self-Trust: Making It Easy For Others to Love & Trust Us By Loving & Trusting Ourselves Firsy (30-page In-Depth Guidebook)


Emotional Embodiment Journeys (bundle of five 20-min Guided Meditations)


Don't want the full foundation program? Each of these is available separately inside the digital shop.


NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 

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