What Clients Are Saying

Michele offers couples coaching on intimacy. She illuminates and clarifies their desires inside and outside the relationship. She is laser focused and clean in her delivery style. Her no nonsense coaching allowed me to feel safe and to sink into the coaching sessions.


Michele has an amazing ability to sort through my jumbled thoughts to clarify what my true desires are and guide me to prioritize them into reachable goals. Her techniques are varied, with suggestions and exercises that are both relevant and enlightening to the current topic. Best of all, she reminds me each session to be loving to myself, to remember the strengths I already have, and to envision all the possibilities. I am truly grateful.


I would absolutely recommend Michele. She is an incredibly balanced coach and is exceedingly compassionate. She challenged me to look at my situation and feelings in very different ways. It wasn’t just a conversation, it was active. I definitely gained a different view on aspects of my situations and the feelings I was and currently am struggling with. I also found myself directing more energy inward in a renewed effort to take care of myself.


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