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Your path to emotional freedom is in loving and accepting exactly who you are.

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UNBOUNDED is a safe and interactive space for women in which we play short, experiential "games" that create connection as well as provide easy practice in empathy, truth-telling, vulnerability, and self-discovery.

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When something "glows" it gives out a steady radiant light without flame.


GLOW is a community event and an emotional growth practice space for women.  In my seven years facilitating in-person and virtual conscious community events,  I have seen time and time again a change happen in individuals who are given the space for connection and intimacy. I see it in their faces. They glow now because any barriers to truth and masks hiding their true identity have been removed. Their truth self can emerge and they return back to themselves.  GLOW is an invitation for you to step out, connect, see and be seen by other women

and most importantly, glow.

Hi! I'm Michele the creator and host of UNBOUNDED.

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Here's what community members had to say about attending LIVE group events with me

"This is for...

anyone who believes connecting deeply and authentically with other women will help everyone on their growth and consciousness paths.".




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