An Illuminating & Liberating

Emotional Growth Session

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Is there an area of your life that you're currently struggling with?

Is it understanding your emotions? Emotional regulation? Handling difficult emotions?


Do struggle with self-sabotaging patterns in your love life? Lacking trust and security in your relationships? Find it hard to be vulnerable? Feel like you lack the communication skills you need to be in a healthy stable relationship?


Or maybe you’re not sure why you can clearly see your vision for yourself and your life but can't move toward it.


Do you feel stuck and bounded?

If you're thinking....

"Yep. That's Me."

I have some info that'll will help and clarify some things for you before you even get to my offering down below.

When it comes to getting unstuck in our lives most people try to focus on changing the external like the place they're living, the job they're in, the relationship they're in but many cases after making these changes all is said and done they still feel stuck.

That's because the root cause of any stress, anxiety or felt sense of being stuck and bounded is not the external.


It's your internal thinking. 


How can your thinking keep you bounded in stress?


Here are four ways:


Negative Self Talk 

"I’m not the kind of person that could be someone’s #1" "I need to protect myself from men. "I'm just crazy." "I’m too old and too fat to be desirable to men." "I’ll just keep making the same mistakes and never get this right"


Having Unrealistic Expectations 

Your partner should be willing to fight for you. They should remember everything you tell them. She should always know what you’re thinking. He should want to settle down by now.

"Shoulding" Yourself 

You think you should do this and should do that in dating. Or you constantly live life based off what your mom, dad, partner or society thinks you should do in your love life.

Taking Things Personally

You go on a first date with someone you really like and they don't ask you for a second date and you swear off dating for the next 6 months. 

Without liberation from these 4 harmful ways of thinking we are destined to stay stuck in the same spot or appearing to break free but once again see history and painful experience repeat itself. This is because without the right mindset, we can't take embodied actions to move forward.

You deserve liberation.

When you commit to liberating yourself from faulty thinking you'll finally have the capacity to embody actions to move forward. So much is possible.


You go from...

being an enemy with yourself to being friends with yourself.

From feeling along to being connected.

From self-sabotage to rebuilding an amazing relationship with yourself.

From being hard on yourself to being accountable yet gentle with yourself 

From lies to Truth. 

From harmful to healthy.

From critical to caring.

From reactive to responsive.

From feeling victimized to accessing personal power.

From self abandonment to self advocacy.

From pain to purpose.

From lost to found.

From uncertain to certain.

From poison to medicine.

From confusion to clarity.

From fear to freedom.

Hi! I'm Michele!

I stand for the mental and emotional liberation for every person who comes into my space. This is so important to me because I got to do it for myself. 

When I went off to college I was young and emotionally immature. Over the years I got really good at making things look good on the outside while feeling really stressed, stuck and out of control on the inside.

Thankfully I reached a breaking point that forced me to get the help I needed. I have spent years working on my thinking myself and seeking out the mental, emotional and physical healing I needed to come back into balance and find freedom. It hasn't been quick and easy work but the rewards of this work is showing up today when I find myself face with life's stressors.

I'd love to offer you the same space I had to begin liberating yourself. Read on to learn more.

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Introducing UNBOUNDED

UNBOUNDED is a liberation session that's designed to illuminate the root causes of your ongoing stress, anxiety and felt sense of being stuck and bounded in life and in dating and relationships. [Enter this space] with a "problem", a struggle, a self-sabotaging pattern that's got you stuck, bound and trapped. I'll support in my unique way with attention, love, honest reflections guidance, laser coaching, techniques and/or actionable next steps so you can remove or adjust faulty thinking that is holding you back from the freedom you seek. [Leave this space] unbounded. 

What's Included

  • About 30 minutes of preliminary work 

  • A 90-minute virtual session include one or more of the following depending on need:​​

    • Laser Coaching​

    • Gentle Mentorship

    • Guided Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping)

    • Guided Belief Inquiry + Reframing ("The Work" of Byron Katie)

    • Space Holding for Emotional Release

  • An audio recording of the session

The Investment

"Michele's guidance has been a powerful catalyst for metamorphosis...

I was struggling with a negative power dynamic that brought up a lot of anxiety. Michele helped me understand the underlying patterns and beliefs leading to my response. She provided powerful tools and exercises to help me reframe and respond in a way that helped me regain equilibrium and disconnect from negative though patterns.

We also worked together on self-love and body acceptance – an issue that I know everyone struggles with. While I have done a lot of work on these topics the last few years, I haven’t worn shorts in nearly 25 years because of a large scar on my leg. Michele helped me uncover the underlying emotions behind my fears so I could reclaim love for my whole self.

Michele creates a space for vulnerability and she has the powerful ability to see beyond your words and help you find deeper truth. She draws on her extensive experience to bring frameworks and exercises to take your growth beyond the private session and into the real world."



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 San Francisco, CA



Are You Ready to Become Unbounded?

Unbounded is a priceless investment in yourself  ​


This session is FOR you if...


✅ you're committed to your health, happiness and healing

✅ you understand financial and emotional investments can be hard but are a part of growth and change


✅ you're ready to take both your emotional growth and healing work to the next level


✅ you want to stop carrying around pain, fear, stress and uncertainty and turn  it into peace, harmony, hope and purpose

✅ you desire freedom and liberation


This session is NOT FOR you if...


❌ you're non-committal and unwilling to take action

❌ you're closed off to new ideas and perspectives that could help you


❌ you blame all your life struggles on external factors and looking for a place to vent

❌ you have deep unprocessed trauma that would be best addressed with a licensed professional


❌ you have trouble getting honest and going inward

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