To bring education, personal growth work and community together as a vehicle for healing, happiness, full self expression and fulfillment for women.


Community, Honesty, Willingness, Courage, Empathy, Compassion, Authenticity, Humor, Play, Compassion, Vulnerability


Michele Wellington is a certified transformation coach for women and a facilitator of conscious communities. A seeker and practitioner of life, she brings precision and skill, raw truth, clean delivery, fierce loyalty and immense love to the women she works with.

Michele has a grounding presence and is skilled at leading you straight to the issues at hand, then helping you navigate through them to have clarity, direction and next steps. She is kind, supportive and patient, yet also firmly reflective, encouraging you past any distractions you have around your desire and purpose. She will have your back in wake-up more than perhaps anyone you'll ever meet in a lifetime. She has extraordinary intuitive knowing combined with a commitment to her calling to support women in their journey of healing and awakening.

Prior to becoming a certified coach and working with groups, Michele spent twelve years as an elementary school teacher and was active in growing and facilitating in conscious communities in Austin, Texas.


Now in San Francisco, she is bringing her unique flavor of teaching, community holding and awakening to the Bay Area.


The Women's Wake Up Club is a monthly wellness gathering for women. Our mission is to bring education, personal growth work and community together as a vehicle for healing, happiness, full self-expression and fulfillment for women.

To “wake up” means to fully activate your potential and get out of your own way to do so. The desire to be awake is what connects us all.

As women we want more consciousness and intuition and to become more powerful as a result.

We understand that waking up is challenging work, but in the end nothing could be more valuable and worthwhile and best of all, we get to do it together.



  • You get to fully immerse in the company of women

  • It's a way to connect and be supported by women who want what you want: awakening

  • You get women-focused education and training on how to improve your wellness

  • You get to tap into a pool of healing, understanding, sisterhood and power

  • You get to tap into your power and create the life you want


  • Virtual (and possibly in the future in-person) women-only gatherings

  • Guest teaching on women's wellness and awakening

  • Access to a private Facebook group to continue the discussion and connection between gatherings



  • Space is limited to 16 women for each gathering

  • $Admission - $15

  • Each gathering will focus on a theme that is crucial to women's awakening. We will delve into topics around healing the past, accessing desire and intuition, conscious dating + relationships, igniting your sex + sensuality, living into your purpose and creating authentic sisterhood

  • Each gathering there will be a guest teacher who will contribute her personal and professional experience on the topics we are exploring

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