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Foundations & Practices for

Emotional Embodiment

Discover practical wisdom and apply research based interventions to your emotional growth so you can access more balance, maturity, embodiment and wholeness

Towards the end of 2021, I started visioning out 2022...

I had such wonderful plans and goals.


The Truth? 2022 was a bust for me (at least when it came to my plans).  


After Christmas 2021 was basically canceled for me due to Covid, I proceeded (though I didn’t realize it at the time) to go way into hiding as I faced emotional struggle, after emotional struggle… after emotional struggle. 


And I struggled in just about all areas of my life:

my relationship, my family, work, business, money, health…


It felt like 2022 just never gave me a break. 


Like it just wouldn’t quit.


I’m happy to say, and so will the people closest to me who witnessed the journey, that I met each struggle, all the fear and all the pain with presence and openness and moved through each one and made it to the other side.


Then in September my 6 year relationship ended suddenly and I was faced with a major change in direction of my life. 


It was like the universe had put me on the Spiritual Warriors List and was like...


“Here is your last challenge of the year Michele! Get at girl!”


So, that’s what I did…I got at it.


Now more than three months later there is still so much emotional work to do, grief to process, still so much pain to alchemize and love to feel, still so much there for me…


But life is getting better…


I’m happy, secure, well taken care of, embodied and hopeful for the future. 


While the real reward for making it through struggle is a sense of security and inner peace here are just a few external things that came my way:

I doubled my income and bought a car🚙

I grew spiritually and I deepened the meaning I have for life🙏🏾 

I was invited to teach inside Dr. Nicole LePera’s (The Holistic Psychologist) membership who is one of my biggest mentors and inspiration🍎

I'm spending the holiday with family like I wanted to last year and it’s nourishing my spirit like nothing I could have imagined🎄

I didn’t drink or pick up any other compulsive or numbing behaviors through it all and celebrated 6 years of continuous sobriety🕊


How does this happen after a year of

constant struggle?


The answer is, I’ve dedicated myself to a path of emotional embodiment

which allows me to...

1. have the skills to be present with all that is (the good, the bad, the ugly)

2. the ability to self-regulate via ongoing emotional growth practices and trigger processing during acute times of emotional struggle

3. to clear out what is emotionally stuck to make room for the good that's to come


That’s a  a lot, I know, but the short of it is I had the tools and practices to do the work.


During my time of hiding this year, I pre-recorded several trainings that I uploaded to my digital shop (and basically told no one about lol).

Trainings about these very emotional growth tools and emotional embodiment practices.


After the workshop I taught inside Nicole’s membership, I remembered how much I LOVE teaching LIVE and…how good I am at them.

Here are some messages I got directly after
teaching that workshop last week...


Here's What We'll Cover In the Workshop Series 


Creating a Personalized Emotional Safety Plan for Triggers and High Stress Situations

(1) The Science of Stress
(2) Triggers & The Body (The Nervous System)
(3) Triggers & The Mind (The Drama Triangle)
(4) Triggers & The Heart (Inner Parts Work)
(5) Create Your Emotional Safety Plan

Designing Your Emotional Embodiment Practice

(1) Embodiment

(2) Centering

(3) Intention

(4) Accounting

(5) Design Your Emotional Embodiment Practice

15-inch-macbook-pro-retina (22).png

Uncovering the Freedom and Power to Direct Your Life


(1) Emotional Inventory Overview
(2) The Fear Inventory
(3) The Desire Inventory
(4) The Gratitude Inventory
(5) The Needs-To-Self-Care Inventory

Here's What You'll Receive Upon Purchase 

  • Pre-recorded workshop(s) with Michele

  • Captioned replay(s) of workshop(s)

  • Digital workbook(s) to track your progress and guide you through the workshops(s)

Bonuses for Purchasing the Full Workshop Series

As a thank you for joining the full workshop series you'll receive the following additional resources to deepen your emotional embodiment work

Through my own emotional growth journey and supporting women through theirs, I've created a short list of 5 basic skills that people need to lay the foundation for their emotional growth. 

What We'll Cover In This Class:


  • What is a simple and clear definition of emotional growth

  • Why it's important to start with the basics

  • The components of emotional maturity

  • The 5 prerequisites to emotional growth


My self-care has evolved over the years and I can much more easily recognize when nervous system work and self-care is needed. Success n this kind of self-regulation is in knowing what action to take, and this has been supported by creating my own nervous system care kit.


What We'll Cover In the Training:

  • Understand why regulating the nervous systems is so important 

  • Learn about the biology of stress and the nervous system

  • Learn what a nervous system care kit is and how to use it to meet your needs

  • Learn the the steps for creating a personalized nervous system care kit

  • Plan out the creation of your nervous system care kit


I wrote this in-depth guidebook because the journey from self-abandonment to self trust was a big one for me. I learned over the last 6 years what it took for me to take this journey back home to myself and outlined my process.


In this 30-page in-depth guidebook you'll:

  • Be introduced to 5 elements to cultivating self-trust

  • Read personal examples of my own self-abandonment and lesson learned about self-trust

  • Receive guidance and suggestions to help you start cultivating greater self-trust


"Feelings are something you have; not something you are."
--Shannon L. AlderIn


In this emotional embodiment meditation bundle,  you'll be guided to:

  • relax into your body

  • sit with your emotions

  • explore the true source of your emotions

  • meet them with curiosity and self-compassion

  • discover the gifts waiting for you inside these difficult emotions


What you'll receive

  • 5 guided meditations with music

  • 5 guided meditation without music



Hi! I'm Michele.

I'm an Emotional Embodiment Guide and Wholeness Coach for women here at Women Can Heal.


When I went off to college I was young and emotionally immature. Alcohol, my social life and achievement became my quick fixes for the persistent anxiety I struggled  with and I used these "coping skills" for the next 15 years.


Over the years I got really good at making things look good on the outside while feeling really stressed, dysregulated and out of control on the inside. I was totally disembodied.


I reached a critical breaking point that forced me to make some changes and set down a path of emotional embodiment. I have spent years working on myself and my nervous system while seeking out the mental, emotional and physical healing I needed to come back into balance.


In short I've learn how to be present with my emotions and more fully inhabit myself.


It hasn't been quick nor has it been easy but the rewards of this level of embodiment work are showing up today. I can say with confidence that I am staying more conscious and healthy than I could have ever imagined 15 years ago.


I'm looking forward to connecting with you more and hearing your thoughts about the workshop series.



Foundations & Practices for

Emotional Embodiment

Discover practical wisdom and apply research based interventions to your emotional growth so you can access more balance, maturity, embodiment and wholeness

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