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The Emotional Embodiment School is a space for emotional growth and embodiment mentorship.

The body of work inside this school will help you:

(1) develop facility with your emotions and needs

(2) integrate what's unresolved from the past, come current and reclaim your wholeness

(3) (re)build relationships of any kind (romantic, friendship, familial, work, self etc) from the ground up and use them for healing, growth and full self-expression

(4) and if you so desire, create and steward a business from embodiment and wholeness 

What is Emotional Embodiment?

Emotional Embodiment is the process of healing, completion and coming into your full power through developing yourself in 5 key areas (needs, self-esteem, identity, boundaries, maturity) that are necessary for a healthy relationship with yourself and others. For an expanded explanation watch the video. Click the gear to increase playback speed and the cc to add or remove captions. 

What's the Journey to Emotional Embodiment?

I've developed (and lived through) a process that offers structure and a pathway to work on the 5 key areas I listed above. Click through the graphic below to see the full journey.



  • Readiness for embodiment and to make a change after a period of challenge

  • Willingness to explore what lies beyond the challenge

  • Clarifying and anchoring in to powerful Vision for the journey ahead

Please Note: Emotional Embodiment is not entirely linear despite the journey being called a "sequence". It's a unique experience directed by you and your needs. The curriculum can be delivered through various digital, LIVE, group and private offerings ranging from $7-$18,000. Click the buttons below to explore more.

Go here to learn more about me, my background, my credentials and who this work is ideal for.

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