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My body of work and structure for evolution is called Embodied Womanhood.

Embodied Womanhood is a trauma informed collection of digital guidebooks, meditations, masterclasses, courses and group as well as private programs helping women who struggle emotionally in their love lives


(1) develop facility with her emotions

(2) use dating and relationships for true alchemy to heal, grow and be fully self-expressed

(3) integrate pain from the past and reconcile with the Self


so they can have a happy, fulfilling and emotionally mature relationships with themselves and others. 

"The Girl" is a disembodied woman who operates from an emotionally immature consciousness and brings fear and self-doubt to her interactions with self and others. This causes pain and chaos in her life.

"The Woman" lives in her authentic purpose. Embodying an emotionally mature consciousness she continuously brings the benefits of tending to her own needs to her interactions with others. This creates power and freedom in her life.


Here's the 3-stage evolution my offerings inside each stage:

Stage One
Emotional Mastery:
Facility With Your Emotions

Grow Yourself Emotionally

In this 90-minute masterclass get an in-depth introduction to Embodied Womanhood and learn the pathway out of emotional struggle and into ease, balance and emotionally mature relationships. Click here to learn more.

Sit With Your Emotions

Jealousy is a raw, pure and useable emotion that when harnessed properly can wake you up to your patterns, beliefs, needs, most tender insecurities and post powerful desires. Use this guided meditation to work with jealousy and uncovered its hidden gifts.
here to purchase.

Connect and Be Seen

This is a brand new monthly LIVE event in the works. When something "glows" it gives out a steady radiance light without flame. GLOW is a community event and an emotional growth practice space for you to step out, connect, see and be seen by other women and most importantly, glow.
More to come soon!

Design Your Emotional Growth Practice 

In order to persevere on our emotional growth it's essential to cultivate a regular emotional growth practice. Learn the 5 critical areas I devote regular attention to so I can set myself up for daily emotional success. More to come soon!

Process Your Emotional Triggers

No matter how solid our emotional growth practice is, sometimes strong emotional triggers come up. Learn how to use a collection of my favorite emotional growth tools for processing triggers, relieving stress and getting back in to balance when you need it the most. More to come soon!

Stage Two
Relationship Alchemy:
Healing You & Your Love Life

Secure and Powerful In Your Love Life

If “enlightenment” sounds a little too abstract to you when it comes to dating and relationships, in concrete terms it means finding or creating a relationship that is enjoyable, healthy and successful. In this masterclass learn how to approach dating and relationships in a way that calls you forth into "enlightenment", healthy patterns of love and puts you in the best position to find, create and sustain long lasting and fulfilling relationships. Click here to learn more.

Speak My Language In Dating

Have you ever been stumped by what to say in certain dating situations? Interested in someone but not ready to kiss yet? Not feeling a spark and wanting to be conscious and kind? With these scripts, you’ll always have an example of an empowered response for your most pressing online and offline dating scenarios. Click here to learn more.

Speak My Language In Relationships

Do you struggle to assert yourself in your relationships? Do you worry voicing your opinion in your relationship may lead to more conflict? Do you have a hard time listening? With these scripts you'll the language you need to express yourself consciously not only in your romantic life but across the board in your day to day life. Click here to learn more.

A Journey Into the Pain, Power and Freedom of Heartbreak

This is a brand new offering for Spring 2022. In this 6 week LIVE experience immerse in the company of other emotional growth-minded women to do the very deep grief work needed to finally integrate your pain from the past so that it no longer sabotages your romantic future. More to come soon!

Make Gold In Your Love Life

Alchemy is defined as "a magical process of transformation and creation". This deep dive is designed to support women in cultivating emotionally mature relationships by learning and applying conscious dating practices and implementing relationship recovery tools. This is a brand new LIVE program in the works for Fall 2022. Go here to learn more.

Stage Three
Reconciliation With Self:
Stepping Into True Womanhood

Discover Your Authentic Purpose & Align With Your True Calling

An Emotional Growth Intensive

This is a brand new offering that will be deeply transformative. There is no anticipated release date for this offering because it is by application only and I haven't decided when I'll begin doing this. This is an emotional growth crucible over 90 minutes for private clients and 120 minutes in a group setting. [Enter this space] with a "problem", a struggle, a self-sabotaging pattern that's got you trapped. I'll support in my unique way with attention, love, honest reflections and laser coaching so you can remove everything that is holding you back from the "solution" you seek. [Leave this space] unbounded. There will be about an hour of preliminary work to do before the session. Private clients will receive a recording of our session and a follow up email after the session. More to come soon!

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